Why Hollywood Celebrities Are Beating Brands on Instagram

Instagram boasts over 1 billion active users per month and is still growing at rapid rates. From high school students to sports personalities and politicians, the platform has proven to be extremely popular among several segments of users. There is, however, no denying that the most popular, glitzy users are Hollywood actors, who all have several millions of followers hanging onto their every word. 

According to Huffpost, Instagram is an addictive app that helps followers to get an opportunity to peep into others’ world via photos that have been beautified utilizing a host of light filters. Most celeb users choose to leave their Instagram accounts visible and accessible to the public. Hence, numerous users have been flocking to celebrity Instagram accounts.

Hollywood actors and actresses aren’t your usual Instagram users sharing only snippets of their lives on Instagram- while these are definitely a large part of their feeds, most movie stars also run advertising campaigns and sponsored product posts and even launch their own brands on social media. There’s more than just the undeniable glamour factor to why celebrities are popular and more loved on social media than most brands are. It is not disheartening, but in fact, encouraging for brand marketers, as there are some tactics to be gleaned from their success that could be integrated into a company’s social strategy.

They Put the “Pop” in Pop Culture

First and foremost, Hollywood celebrities are torchbearers of popular culture, being heavily invested in the ecosystem themselves. It also helps that a lot of them are young and highly invested in the same things that Instagram’s largest demographic is. It makes it significantly easier for them to genuinely build light-hearted, funny, and enjoyable presences online. The effortless charisma and hilarity of Ryan Reynolds and other stars are something brands can only aspire after. Simply put, celebrities are well aware of how tone, timing, and delivery can make or break audience engagement. 

People are also more willing to believe their idols are being genuinely hilarious and do not extend the same mistrust that they may do to corporate ad campaigns. Hollywood stars were among the first and most popular adopters of meme culture, and are really helped by the fact that it runs adjacent to their lives. Remember that several memes are born out of movies, shows, and music videos every day. Using memes well really boosts their relatability and their audience’s perception of their personality.

They “Get” Video as a Medium

Having spent so much time in front of the camera, several actresses and actors have developed a knack for producing engaging video content. They have been among early adopters for video posts on Instagram, Instagram TV, as well as the brand new Reels. Each of these videos is a superb showcase for their personal brand. They are engaging, entertaining, funny, and genuinely good content. This is something brands can actually emulate and put out good content that their customers are interested in and entertained by.

They Offer a Peek behind the Scenes

One of the major motivators for users on social media to follow their favorite celebrities is the prospect of getting a look behind the curtain- to see how the rich and famous live their lives and be the first to access any gossip or spicy drama. From live streaming red carpet events to backstage pictures from award ceremonies and talk shows, this kind of content comes naturally and is very interesting. Companies have taken to this habit too, showing sneak peeks of their facilities, employees, and campaigns online. They also live stream exclusive events for public consumption, the likes of which would have been impossible before the social media bubble.

They Know that the Face Matters the Most

Instagram is the social media platform where everyone believes in putting their best face to the front. Hollywood celebrities are the ones who tend to follow that maxim to the dot. They firmly believe in presenting their best. However, selfies are not supposed to be all about beauty or good looks. Celebrities have a constant supply of selfies on Instagram. They realize that people connect actively with faces. As per the findings of a recent study conducted by Yahoo Labs and The Georgia Institute of Technology, pictures having faces in them are 38 percent more likely to receive Instagram likes. In this context, you may know that you could buy 20 Instagram likes by contacting a reliable digital marketing company.

They Know the Right Technique for Building Anticipation 

When they need to introduce a new album or a brand new product line, or even when they need to make a big announcement, Hollywood celebrities automatically turn to Instagram for sharing teasers. This genre has been perfected undoubtedly by Beyoncé. She came up with the preview of her album called Lemonade on Instagram. Moreover, she flaunted pictures of her baby bump on Instagram to break the news of her pregnancy to her fans and followers Instagram. Selena Gomez introduced her latest album by sharing a sound bite on Instagram along with an apt caption, “Something exciting is coming tomorrow.” 


You must realize that people come to Instagram and other such popular social media platforms to have great fun and enjoy their dopamine kicks. Hollywood celebrities believe in giving people what they are looking for. No wonder they enjoy phenomenal popularity and have millions of followers on Instagram.

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