6 WooCommerce SEO Mistakes You Must Avoid

Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important digital marketing techniques that play a key role in creating a strong online presence by bringing traffic. Pay Per Click also creates an online presence by driving traffic. However, you need to pay for every click your ads get. It does not matter whether you are selling a product or service or you have deployed a website to secure contribution for your NGO or you want to sell coins for your ICO, you need to optimize your website. 

If you want a visitor to take some action on your website, your website must appear on the first search engine result page. To make this happen, SEO is must. Search Engine Optimization is especially important when you are bringing your store online. Most online stores are powered by WooCommerce. It is a WordPress plugin for online stores. Developers have ensured that WooCommerce plugin is as easy to use as possible. However, this does not mean that you will not make any mistake. You can make a lot of SEO mistakes that can be easily avoided. Most of the SEO mistakes are easy to fix. Not investing in eCommerce is one of the biggest SEO mistakes. Find a WooCommerce SEO consultant offering WooCommerce SEO services. The following are the most common WooCommerce SEO mistakes that you are likely to make if you don’t rely on professionals. 

1. Ignoring Website Speed

Website speed is an important ranking factor. A user often leaves a page that is taking more than 3 seconds to load. You don’t want your potential customers to be loyal customers of your competitors. Therefore, your WooCommerce website must load without any delay. When you are selling 100 products on your website, your website will have more than 100 images. A website page with images and videos always takes more time to load. You must compress and optimize each image on your website. An eCommerce SEO consultant or WooCommerce SEO services agency often offers a free eCommerce website audit to identify what is wrong with the website. You can also run a website speed test. Keep in mind that even the best WordPress SEO agency cannot help you rank if your website is taking minutes to load. There is no way you can sell your products if your website is too slow.

2. Bad Website Structure

Search engine crawler uses URLs to discover new pages. The structure of your eCommerce website can make it easy or difficult to crawl and index your category pages and product pages. Not working on the structure of an eCommerce website is a big mistake. When you are getting your website designed, sit with a WooCommerce SEO consultant so that the structure of your website is according to the search engine’s guidelines. Organize your product pages in proper categories. For example, if you are selling winter clothing for men, women and children, have categories for men’s clothing, women’s clothing and children’s clothing.

3. Not Optimizing Website Content

If you don’t see your website in top results on the first search engine result page, analyze your website content as well. Search engines cannot crawl images and videos. They can crawl text only. First of all, your website must have content and it should be well optimized. Google and other search engines actually penalize websites that are not optimized. Therefore, your WooCommerce website must have the right keywords in the right density. Google always wants to offer fresh content to its users. Update content on your website on a regular basis. 

4. Using Wrong keywords

Your basic SEO knowledge cannot get your website ranked. You may have a brief understanding of keyword research but that’s not enough. You can consider factors like monthly searches and competition. However, a WooCommerce SEO consultant does more than that. Professionals consider keyword difficulty, competitors’ keywords and several other important factors in keyword research.

You need to add keywords in page titles, headers, product names, product descriptions and content. Keywords are also required for URL, meta titles, and meta descriptions optimization. Right keywords get you rank. Wrong keywords are misleading. This is not a good SEO practice.

Today’s users use voice search on their handheld devices to search for information or products online. A WooCommerce SEO consultant knows what kind of phrases should be included in the content for voice search optimization.

5. Not Optimizing for Mobile

Search engines prioritize mobile versions of websites when it comes to indexing and ranking. Your WooCommerce website must be mobile-friendly. More than 50% of web traffic comes from smartphones and other small devices. Use and optimize a mobile-friendly theme. Test each product page on displays of different sizes. 

6. Not Adding CTA

You must add a call to action on each page to drive leads. Content with CTA gets indexed. Call to action encourages your website users to take actions such as reading a product description or buying a product. It requires knowledge of advanced SEO to optimize your WooCommerce website. Hiring a WooCommerce SEO consultant is in the best interest of your business.

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