What are Your Favourite Trendsetting Eyeglasses?

The eyewear revolution has caught the market like fire in the woods. People are more open to experiment and buy glasses online to suit their lifestyle and needs. This has changed the eyewear trend in the market. People who used to shy away from the eyeglasses are now buying not one but many eyeglasses depending upon their attire, occasion, profession, face shape and even matching with accessories.

What are the latest trendsetter eyeglasses?

From rounds, rectangular, aviators to cat-eyes, eye-wear trends keep on changing with the fresh air of every other season. From classic, bold to thin rounds, the eyeglasses industry have been transformed from bare black to several coloured printed patterns. 

Let us find out what lies in stores for you as the trendsetting eyepiece:

Geek Glasses 

Geek glasses never fail to impress with their bold black frames set in rectangular glasses frames, having rounded soft corner. They used to look so good on the human version of superman. Do you remember? Yes, these are the same classic and sober eyeglasses which always come in one colour i.e. black. They give you a clean professional look and adds charm to your personality. Geek glasses are a symbol of those studious students

Tortoise Shell Glasses

These are the new generation eyeglasses that took birth a couple of years ago. Tortoiseshell glasses have a pattern that resembles the shell of a tortoise. Set in shades of browns, these glasses are fashionista’s delight. The shape is quite similar to the hipster glasses; however, the beauty of these glasses lies in its frame’s design.

Nerd Glasses

A blend of aviator and square eyeglasses, nerd glasses brings a metallic touch to your look with the shiny, bright metal frames. What is unique about the frame shape is that they are broad from the upper portion and narrow from the lower part.

Gold Glasses

Gold glasses are not limited to the grey generation anymore or to the professional look. They are ‘’in-demand’’ glasses for women and men as young as college-goers. You may wear them for those unexpected meetings and long conferences.

Pink Glasses

Pink is not only the girl’s favourite colour among dresses, but is also the choicest colour in eyeglasses frames category. You must have seen the baby soft to pastel pink shades of frames “pink glasses”. But for that avant-garde look, the marble effect of pink along with purple in round shape is not just limited to women; even men can sportingly display them.

Round Tortoise Shell Glasses

Round Tortoise Shell Glasses
Eyewear Trends 2020

Why limit Tortoise shell glasses with the shades of browns and coffee, let the dark green round tortoise-shell glasses remind you of those little tortoises with the round shells as small as your palm.  The detailing on the temples with the pattern of shell and the simple lower portion of the glasses gives a unique dual-tone look too.  You may match your party-outfits or wear round tortoise-shell glasses while you go to attend your college classes.  They give the impression of a rough, hard rebellion look, with a strong personality.

Transparent Glasses 

Set in Acetate material, transparent glasses accentuate your features without hiding your make-up. Transparent glasses are as clear as water and are the perfect shape of glasses for men and women. These transparent wayfarers with little thickness in the frame look as appealing when you wear them at work, home or while working out in the gym. 

Leopard Sunglasses

Patterns are unlimited and the long list of animal prints cannot be completed without mentioning the leopard prints. Indeed, Leopard Sunglasses are bold, broad, and covers the wider area of the face to provide maximum protection to the eyes. Wear them while you enjoy surfing or lay down on hammock with your favourite book in the bright sunshine. Drive the highways or just enjoy your beach time games. Leopard Sunglasses never go out of style and are always noticed.

Black Round Sunglasses

The double bridge black round sunglasses seem to be the weapon of some mysterious spy or undercover agent. But they are a trendsetter in themselves with the combination of square and round glasses. As the upper portion is square with pointed corners, the lower parts is soft and have circular curves.  In sun, snow, or rain, never leave your house without the black round sunglasses and get enhance protection from UV rays and glares

So, which style is your favourite that you would love to display at work, party or college? 

Where can I buy trendy glasses?

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