WCOForever: An Illegal Site For Watching Cartoon And Anime?

If I mention, that you are a fan of animated cinema and cartoon shows, I don’t think I will be wrong properly. Only children are watching cartoons the whole day is a myth these days. I think you are now blushing. Don’t need to be. These days anime has better stories and graphics than some movies. But you have to pay different subscription fees to different apps. And there come wcoforever, an entire website for consuming anime, cartoons, and movies.

Cartoons, anime, and other animated content are very popular these days. Also one of the most lovable gen of recent time. The majority of cartoon lovers faced the problem of subscriptions. wcoforever is coming to market to change this. It offers full series of this genre without any subscription cost.

It is an online website for watching cartoons for free. They have many different categories.  One can watch subbed and dubbed anime, free cartoons, and animation movies. The site is very easy to handle and the video quality is customizable.

What Is wcoforever?

The full form of wcoforever is WatchCartoonOnline. It is a great site for consuming anime movies, cartoons, and tv shows.

Moreover, this is a free website for unlimited streaming. It has a big database filled with many videos. One can browse every content on-site using VPN or VPS.

Watching cartoons and animation without any subscription is only possible in this app. If you pay for tv shows on streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon, the 9anime app, and any other, you need not pay money for anime or cartoons. You can enjoy the free cartoons. The process is a simple stream that what your heart wants.

Its motto is simple don’t pay extra money for animation. Even if you are not watched any type of animation movie, my recommendation is to go and sign up today. And watch at last one episode of any animation movie. I will surely guarantee that you will fall in love with that.

wcoforever App-

It is a user-friendly online streaming app. It provides unlimited cartoons for thor customers free of cost. In addition, they offer it in different languages. If you want to watch any shows, you just have to type the name of the cartoon, It will provide in one minute.

It has two sister websites. It offers cartoons with no sign-up option. One can watch cartoons on any device they want. It is such a great option for cartoon lovers.

Features Of wcoforever

You already know that it is a free online anime streaming service. And the is no hidden cost or no secret charge. All the content and movies are hosted on third-party websites. Moreover, this is the biggest and best feature of this app.

It has a big team who checked every piece of content before adding it to the site, is it legitimate or not? Moreover, you can easily say that it is a great site for those anime lovers, who wanted to consume more cartoons without paying a single penny.

Besides, the team around wcoforever, makes sure that the list of content keeps growing up. So, every consumer gets daily new movies or shows or any other content. And also the best part is if you faced any problem regarding using of it you can contact them without any hesitation. They will surely get back to you as soon as possible.

Some Key Features In A Glance-

  • The downloading speed of the site is just unmatchable.
  • It offers its viewers the best content in high quality. Every fan of it is always happy because they got the best things without any scam.
  • As it is free so nobody needs to subscribe to it.
  • It is very user-friendly and easy to find content.
  • Moreover, it is available in many languages.

How Does The Site Work?

wcoforever is a great online streaming platform where you can enjoy your favorite content at any time. It has a great collection of anime and cartoons. Moreover, it has some attractive features like HD quality experience, adjust in any device also no advertisements and surveys. It provides such top-quality video that viewers do have not to do any adjustments to the viewing experience. One can consume content on a smartphone, tablet, or desktop via a browser.

Besides, there is no need to download content. It is a mobile-friendly site, so viewers can use the small screen for content. Even the site supports so much language that if you are not Japanese you can easily understand it via subtitles.

Not only cartoons and animation movies, but it also supports other genres of movies like action, comedy, and drama.

Moreover, you can enjoy every time at every place free of cost with only an active internet connection.

Is wcoforever Legal?

I am sure you are now thinking, “is wcoforever legal”? The site has many contents but offers free of cost. So, everyone has the same question, is it legal? Let’s say frankly it is a tricky question to answer. Although till now it is not facing any type of legal issues or copyright problems. But we can’t surely say it is legal. So you can do the best thing is use VPN or VPS and keep your terms and service open and clear.

Moreover, if you search for any legal websites that give you free anime, cartoon, and animation movies, then you have to stop it. wcoforever is the best online streaming platform that gives you the best free entertainment of animation. They continuously update their media libraries.

Is It Safe Watching?

So are you deep thought that, is it really safe? Actually, it is not only safe but also a very reliable site for watching cartoons and animation movies. Till now it has not faced any legal issues or piracy-related issues. Besides, day by day its popularity is increasing. At present they have over 5 million monthly active users. And also it is adjustable with any type of streaming device. Also, they provided thousands of contents to choose from it.

Reason To Download This App-

People always love to watch tv shows and take entertainment from reliable sites. Moreover, if the site is free then it is like the perfect union. It is and it will be the main reason to download. But the list is not over. It now looks like a synonym of watch cartoons. They also provide high-quality content for fans. Moreover, their team spent a lot of time giving the best viewing experience for the fan.

It is the top-rated animation streaming service in the digital world. Especially young anime fans shifted heavily towards it.

Some Key Factors-

  • It offers their customer to watch cartoons and animation cinema online. In addition, it is unbeatable in speed and quality specs.
  • wcoforver.net is a completely free site to visit and download your favorite movies. During the time of downloading you can use a VPN to avoid the adware. Adware can corrupt your internet connectivity.
  • If you love to watch cartoons, wcoforver.net is the best place. You can stream and also download the content for free. Besides, if you are not in the group of anime lovers you can simply other movies.
  • The site gives access to their customer to download an unlimited number of free movies.
  • Moreover, the main reason to download it, is that wcoforever is free of cost also without any hidden charges.

Some Of Others Alternative-

There are many sites available in the market. We have researched all of them. And we found some sites. But they are not as good as this app. But we include them in our list.

Some free sites are available in the market- 

  • Wcostream
  • Wco.Tv
  • Gogoanimeshd.live
  • Kisscartoon.sh

All of them have some pros and cons.

Now lets’ move on to some of the paid streaming platforms-

  • Anime Planet
  • Netflix
  • Disney+ Hotstar
  • 9anime app
  • YouTube
  • Crunchyroll


Now you already know all about wcoforever.

So, wait for none, just choose what types of content you want to watch and go sit back and enjoy full entertainment in high quality without advertisement. Besides, you will not have to go long and long search in other streaming platforms with a given charge, here you can just search and get that free of cost.


Q. Is wcoforever free?

It is completely free. Also without any hidden charge.

Q. How does wcoforever work?

One just searches wcoforever in the browser and downloads the app for streaming.

Q. Is wcoforever facing any legal issues?

No, till now this site is not facing any types of legal issues.

Q. Is this site illegal?

 We can’t say it properly. But you can watch until you faced any problem.

Q. Could You download it?

Yes, you can easily download and consumed it later.

Q. How Can I download wcoforever?

Just go to this wcoforever.net and download the app.

Q. Why wcoforever is the best to watch?

This site has all the features you want from a streaming platform. Like HD quality picture.

Q. How much traffic this site gets per month?

Over 1.5 million people come every month to this site.

Q. When did this site start its functionality?

This started its functionality on 31st March 2020

Q. Is subtitle available in wcoforever?

Yes, subtitles are one of the best features of this app.

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