Top Tips to Pick the Best Office Chair

Working in an office means that you are going to be spending half of your life in a room, on the chair. From the recent researches, it has been proven that that sitting in the wrong posture for along posture for a long time can affect your health and you can get back pains. Seeing the fact that if your backbone gets damaged, it will cost you a lot of money and in some cases, it is not even curable. Instead of taking such a high risk, it is better to change your habits today. Having a good office chair will be the first step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Here are some tips for you, that will help you in selecting the best ergonomic office chair.

It should have a fullback

The office chair must support your back. See the productivity of an employee depends on how comfortable he is while working in the environment. No person will be able to produce good results while their back is hurting and they are in constant pain. Scientists say that, while sitting your back should always be straightened and your shoulder should be right in coordination with your back, meaning that bending your back will ruin your posture. Your head should be straight up too. Let’s be honest here, when we are working, there is no time to focus on the posture. Your set should be designed in such a way, that no matter how busy you are, it keeps your back in the right position.

It should be adjustable

Every person has a different height and body. If you are comfortable in one chair, other might not be. There is a wide variety of people that you have employed, which is why every seat should be adjustable according to their requirement. Before buying any char make sure that it does not require any tools for adjustment. A small button should be enough for alteration. Before you make the purchase, do the adjustments on the shop yourself.

It should have arms and footrest

There is nothing more annoying in the world than the chairs which do not have arms or footrest. Our body cannot stay in the “attentive” position for a long time. Even if you try, after a while your whole body will start aching, and instead of focusing on work, you will be focusing on where to rest your arms and foot.

It should be moveable

When we say that the chair needs to be body supportive, it means that it should be comfortable as well as you should be able to move around with it. In the office environment, you have to be very interactive; you have to move to talk to people now and then. If your seat is not movable, you will have to get up even for the slightest conversation. Also, when you have to move your char while sitting down and standing up, it should be more comfortable. Chairs which does not have tires are not suitable for the office environment. Whenever you try to move them, they keep making noise, which disturbs the whole staff.

The chair should not be rigid

Your body demands to be stretched after every couple of hours. It is the sign of a healthy body; you cannot stay in the same posture for the whole day, you should stretch your legs, your back, and arms. This is why your chair should not be rigid; it should be flexible enough so that if you want to lean back and give your head some rest, it adjusts accordingly.

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