Top 3 Benefits of Steam Cleaning Method for Commercial Carpets

Benefits of Using Steam Cleaning Method for Your Commercial Carpets

From design to construction, a commercial grade carpet differs completely from a residential carpet. While residential carpets are designed keeping aesthetics and comfort in mind. The commercial carpet is mostly about withstanding heavy foot traffic.

While it’s obvious your carpet will get dirty, you need to focus on the cleaning methods that you commonly use. For instance, normal vacuuming will not prove much helpful while cleaning your commercial carpet.

Receiving heavy foot traffic, the carpet would have collected more dirt and grime. You need to do more than removing the large soil particles over the surface. You have to steam clean your carpet.

Normally, a commercial grade carpet houses more dirt than a residential carpet.Due to regular foot traffic and without regular maintenance, the soil particles would reach deep layers. Possibly, in the later stages, cleaning this deep-down dirt will be laborious. Also, not removing the debris from the base of the carpet you will allow the pollutants to develop.

How Steam Cleaning will be Advantageous for your Commercial Carpet

1. No Dry Chemicals Compounds Involved

Let me clear you with one thing. Steam cleaning doesn’t exactly mean we are using steam to clean your carpet. It essentially involves hot water and detergent.

In this method, you will spray detergent or cleaning solution on your carpet.To loosen the dirt and grime, you will spray hot water at a very high pressure, following which; you’ll extract the uncleanwater.

Normally, using chemical cleaners, you may damage the fiber structure and this impacts the durability of your carpet. But going with Professional carpet steam cleaning, you will completely avoid that.

Additionally, the procedure is safe if you have allergy sufferers at your working place. In conventional carpet cleaning methods, dry chemicals like bleach are used that cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. Steam cleaning gives better results and does not cause health problems.

2. Remove the Deep-Seated Dirt& Stain

You had a party at your office, at the end of the bash you see that things have made their way on to your carpet and left a good impression. Now it’s not just the food particles, but also the stain that should be cleared off.
Regardless of how often you vacuum, you cannot remove the dirt embedded deep within or the stain. Commercial carpets are usually much denser than residential carpets due to the tight loop and short pile construction.In such cases, only steam cleaning will help you with the deep-rooted dirt.

The hot water will lift stain and reach deep layers leaving your carpet as good as new again.

3. Kill Germs & Contaminants

Carpets that are heavy with dirt can be a good source for illness.You leave the coffee spill for some days and that will develop into a mold.It will not be much time before your working place will be a source for health issues.

Normally, when the dirt trapped in the carpet becomes airborne, they impact the air quality. If you have someone with allergies, they will be much more sensitive to the air quality.

Steam cleaning the carpets, you’ll kill all the germs and contaminants sheltering inside the carpet layers. Keeping the carpet clean and bacteria-free, you’ll ensure a better environment for you and the people around.

As a general thumb rule, get your office carpet steam cleaned at least twice a while. Do not wait until the dirt sets in. You’ll not just promote healthy working space but improve the lifespan of your carpet.

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