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Dr. Mor Shapiro is a famous medical practitioner based in Los Angeles. She is the wife of popular political commentator Ben Shapiro.  The world knows only these two things about her, but no one knows how great a personality she owns. The reason is she isn’t a public personality as no one will find her on Facebook, Instagram, or any social media platform. 

She believes to only serve people with her talent and keep her family happy and satisfied in each aspect. She is truly a family woman who is irritated by being in the limelight and media. However, still, we don’t have entire the information about her, but we have struggled a lot to know all possible hidden facts about Mor Shapiro. Let’s reveal it here!

Mor Shapiro is a resident at the Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Fontana, California, in the Family Medicine Residency Program. She works in the field of women’s health as a clinical skills educator and is committed to raising awareness about illnesses that affect women. She was a co-founder of the David Geffen School of Medicine’s Ethics Conference. The DGSOM Ethical Committee Bioethics Lobby Group has supported the event annually since its inception in 2011. 

  • Full Name: Mor Toledano Shapiro Mor Shapiro age: Born 1988, that makes her 33 years of age in 2021.
  •  Birth Place: Herzliya, Tel Aviv, Israel 
  • Ethnicity: Jewish Moroccan Marital Status: 
  • Married Husband: Ben Shapiro (m. 2008)
  •  Children: 3
  •  Mor Shapiro religion: Jewish 
  • Mor Shapiro College: David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA 
  • Social media handles Mor Linkedin, Mor Shapiro Twitter. 

Early life and Education of Dr. Mor Shapiro

She was born in Herzliya, Israel. She belongs to a Jewish Moroccan family. Before marriage, she was known as Mor Toledaro. Her family has African Roots, who have immigrated from Morocco many years ago. We didn’t have her family details, but according to her studies, it seems like she came to Sacramento at the age of 12. She has done her schooling at the local high school, California. She has completed her MD. practice from David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. However, she was married when she became Mor Shapiro MD. No one knows she desires to become a singer and was also a member of an Acapella group at her medical school. 

Career and Net Worth of Dr. Mor Shapiro

She decided to continue her medical practices and left her singing dream unfulfilled. Now she is working in a Family Medicine Residency Program at Kaiser Foundation Hospital in Fontana, California. Along with this, she is also active as a social worker. She earns 150k to 200k dollars per year, and her net worth is over $1.2 million. However, her Husband’s worth is included in the total amount. 

Dr. Mor Shapiro’s  love and Married Life

She wasn’t believed to date a non-Jewish person. At the very young age of 19, she started dating Ben Shapiro when she pursued her MD degree. There is not any information about her love life, but according to an interview of Ban, they both dated each other for only three months. They decided to tie the knot and became Ben Shapiro Mor Shapiro. Ben was only 24, and she was 20 when they decided to get married, and since then, their married life hasn’t had any controversy. She gave birth to two lovable kids. Her daughter, Leeya Eliana, was born in 2014. We didn’t know the name of her son, who was born in 2016. According to a tweet of Ben, she is a caring mother and dedicated to her work. 

Mor and Ben have three children together and have known each other for most of their adult life. The couple met in high school and began dating on September 5th, 2007. On December 22nd, 2007, the couple got engaged after dating for three and a half months. The wedding took place a year later, in 2008.

Ben wrote, “last night my son was suffering from a cough and my wife didn’t sleep for a single minute and took care of her. In the early morning, she got ready and went to the hospital. That’s the thing I loved the most about my wife. A caring mother, A dedicated and passionate Doctor, dr mor shapiro”. 

Ben and Mor Shapiro paid approximately $1.7 million for a home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley in 2015. Ben co-founded his American conservative news website the same year. They gave birth to a son in their family in 2016, but his name has never been made public.


Undoubtedly,  she is very pretty and takes good care of her physique. She is 5.5 inches taller and weighs only 64 kilograms. Her blue eyes are the most lovable attraction as per her Husband. The dark brown hair also improves the style of Jewish American beauty. However, she is the mother of two kids, but she looks like 25 at the age of 35. 

Ben Shapiro Profession

Ben is one of the most controversial personalities of America, as he is a famous speaker and political analyst. He also works as Editor-in-chief of “The Daily Wire: He got huge stardom after the controversy of Jimmy Kimmel. 

Dr. Mor Shapiro interest in music

She was strongly immersed in music out of an early age, exactly like her husband and father-in-law, and she learned to play both violins and the pianos. While she actually took voice lessons in her formative days, she eventually realized that her singing voice was inadequate. She is a musical enthusiast with a beautiful voice who had been a part of an acapella ensemble during medical school.

Some Hidden Facts About Mor Shapiro

Here are some unknown facts about Mor Shapiro, her lifestyle, and her religion. The facts were collected from verified sources.

  • The gorgeous lady never stated any controversial comment about her Husband or for anyone else. Although she rarely comes in front of the media. 
  • Her religion is Orthodox Jew. She was born and bought up in a religious family that passed on ethics and morals to her personality.
  • Her daughter was only one year old when Mor knew that she had a hole in her heart. Mor immediately took the surgeon’s help, and her daughter got treated with ASD. Now the cute little girl is absolutely fine and healthy. 
  • Ben Shapiro used to praise her family in every interview. 
  • The gorgeous lady is also the DGSOM UCLA Ethics Symposium founder, which is now celebrated as an annual event. 
  • The lovely couple has made the decision to get married at the birthplace of Mor Shapiro. They both married according to the Jewish traditions in Israel. 
  • The couple loves each other so much as they were ready to sacrifice their career to live together in one house. Ben said in an interview that he wanted to make a career in America, but she got a job in California. At that time, we had a cute fight, and the motive was whatever we have to do, we will live together at any cost. 
  • In 2007, the couple met for the very first time in a college seminar, and within a few days, they both understood that they are perfect for each other. 
  • The most brilliant thing is that Mor didn’t date any other person before or after marriage. Ben is the only guy who came into her life yet. She stood by him every time and proved her love for him.
  • Only after 3 months of dating, they got married in early 2008. 
  • Not only Mor, but she also didn’t want her kids to come in front of the media. That’s why no one still knew the name of her son. 

In this way, we are trying to provide optimal information about known personalities all over the world. You can get more information about her from Google. We will update the information as per new controversies or her success.

Collaboration of Ben and Mor Shapiro for home

Ben and Mor Shapiro paid approximately $1.7 million for a home in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley in 2015. Ben founder The Day Wire, a conservative news portal in the United States, in the same year, while his wife worked as an Internal Medicine Doctor in Woodland Hills. Although Mor’s specific earnings are unclear, a Family Medicine practitioner in the United States makes an average of $184,396 to $240,254 as of March 2021. Mor Shapiro’s net worth isn’t disclosed in any public records. Ben Shapiro, her spouse, has a net worth of roughly $20 million. 

FAQs about Dr. Mor Shapiro

1. Who is Shapiro’s husband?

Ben Shapiro.

2. Where is mor Shapiro from?

She is from Israel.

3. When was he born?

She was born in 1988.

4. When did she get married?

She get married on 8 July 2008.

5. What is her net worth?

She and 150k 200k dollars per year. And the net worth is dollar 1.2 million.

6. When did she get married?

She gets married at the age of 20.

7. How many kids does she have?

She has two lovable kids.

8. What is the name of her daughter?

Leeya Eliana

9. What is a religion?

She is orthodox Jew religion.

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