Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn Quest Steps: Complete Guides Of Unsolvable Problems

Nascent dawn is a long quest post-game in Destiny 2 and the element of Warmind DLC. It gives the players different types of rewards with each version. The players need to complete every quest step and that takes lots of time. The reason behind taking lots of time is that some steps are very unclear to solve, few are confusing. Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn players need to upgrade Polaris Lance Exotic scout rifle to complete the steps. In this post, we tell you how do you complete the nascent dawn quest? Share with you Destiny 2 Unsolvable Problem guides and unclear doubt about all Nascent Dawn quest steps with proper guidance.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn is part of a quest that rewards the players with powerful and strong weapons to complete their challenges and objects in total series. The most exciting things about this game are the quest Destiny 2 with a large number of Exotics that are game-changing armor and weapons. 

Why Should You Obtain Polaris Lance?

The question of why should you obtain Polaris Lance may be rounding off the player’s mind. The reason is like other weapons, Scout Rifles is a solid weapon that can damage and group clear in a single target. And all credits go to the perfect fifth Exotic perk. The weapon will be charged and the chaining headshots go back bullets to the magazine. After, four exactitude strikes the firearm fires a touchy round that bargains solar harm in a little area. You can twofold down on this with the weapon’s Masterwork, giving Dragonfly at that time when the Exotic Catalyst is finished.

How to Start Nascent Dawn Quest in Destiny 2?

At the beginning of the game Nascent Dawn Quest in Destiny 2, you need Ana Bray when you complete the story campaign of warming. The Warmind clarifies the particular advances that they need to follow to arrive. When done, the players should get back in the Mars Patrol room to Ana Bray where they get two missions. From there they obtain the Violent Intel with the assistance of which the player opens the Sleeper Simulant just as the Nascent Dawn. Featuring the symbol of Nascent Dawn, five primary parts get uncovered that start with 1/5 with each part comprising of different advances.

From that point onward, you’ll need to report your discoveries to Ana. In the wake of stacking the information in her terminal, you’ll get a record thing called Destiny 2 Unsolvable Problem. Supposedly, you can dispose of this thing without stress, and keep gathering Resonate Stems and opening Sleeper Nodes to attempt to add the Nascent Dawn questline.

Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn Quest Steps:

You must complete some tasks before starting the quest game. Fortunately, you don’t need too many tasks like other quests in Destiny 2. Previously we told you to start the process of the game above the post.  Let’ explore the adventure of Nascent Dawn Quest step by step:

1. Nascent Dawn 1/5:

After obtaining on the quest, the first step of the players is required to fulfill various missions around Mars. The first step of Nascent Dawn 1/5 is a little easy than the other steps and the toughest step is the third one where you need 4 Resonant Stems. You need three Patrols to complete the step. You need to find out the Sleeper Node. Lost Sector of the planet and Kill-based Patrol is the greatest way to complete the task. You need to combine the 4 Resonant Stems into Override Frequency.

To find out Dynamo Approach, take this new item to the Sleeper Node. In this step, the game players get the chance to make more Override Frequencies just as the way other sleeper nodes. Here you can hear classical music and when it’s getting louder you will be closer to the Sleeper Node.

  • Three Patrol missions must be completed on Mars.
  • Fulfill the Lost sector.
  • Combine the 4 Resonant Stems into Override Frequency.
  • The main object is to find out Sleeper Node.

2. Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn 2/5:

Nascent Dawn 2/5 is the second step where you need to earn 25 Javelin kills. It can be completed with Warsat Down Public Event or Escalation Protocol. To get relic spear at the time of Escalation Protocol you can use Armory Keys. Then simply grab the 25 Javelin kills. Find out the Braytech where the Ana Bray placed; use the huge sword to activate the next step. Here the players must complete the Standard Adventures on Mars to unlock and complete the heroic adventure. To know where the Sleeper Node upload is and insert the data to Ana Bray and at the end, she will give you Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle.

  • Complete 25 Javelin kills.
  • Must complete the Standard Adventures on Mars.
  • Insert the data to Ana Bray.
  • Collect Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle from Ana Bray as a reward.

3. Nascent Dawn 3/5:

Nascent Dawn 3/5 is the third step of the Destiny 2 quest game where you need to complete Escalation Protocol which has 10 levels. You can complete these 10 levels with objective variations. Here you need to finish 3 Vanguard Strikes and this will be count objectively. In the area of Olympus Descent, you need to rob Sleeper Node. While robbing the nodes you can get a memory file. Next, upload it to Ana Bray to receive the Masterwork Version of upgrading Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle.

  • Complete Escalation Protocol which has 10 levels.
  • Finish 3 Vanguard Strikes.
  • Rob Sleeper Node in the area of Olympus Descent.
  • Return to Ana Bray to upload the memory file.

4. Nascent Dawn 4/5:

Nascent Dawn 4/5 is the fourth step of this quest where the players need to wait a week to reset and talk with Ana Bray. The upgrading version of Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout Rifle must be used here to collect 20 Scout Rifle kills and 5 Precision Multi-kills without reloading. In Futurescape Lost Sector it can be easily done. The campaign step of Fury is very important during the Io travel. This is the mission of 250 PL that must be completed earlier. In Mindlab, you need to rob Sleeper Node in Rasputin to complete the level. Explore the locked door and kills the enemies to unlock the secret doors. Next, upload the diary that you discover in the node, and in the same way, left to Ana Bray and talk with her to grab the Polaris Lance Exotic.

  • Get upgrading version of Braytech RWP Mk. II Scout from Ana Bray.
  • Collect 20 Scout Rifle kills and 5 Precision Multi-kills without reloading.
  • Completing mission Fury is very important.
  • Rob Sleeper Node in Rasputin.
  • Explore the locked door to collect the diary.
  • Grab the Polaris Lance Exotic

5. Nascent Dawn 5/5:

Nascent Dawn 5/5 is the final quest of Destiny 2 where you need to earn 15 Javelin Multi kills after waiting one more week. This step is very tough that nobody can easily complete this. You may start a public event or Escalation Protocol and complete three PVP matches. Don’t think that now easily you can win as it is so difficult to win. If you can complete this next you need to complete Strange Terrain, the hard level. You can replay the game on Glacial Drift. In this step, you need to complete the special mission on Mars and finish the PvP game, explore the Sleeper Node in Alto Dynamo. Select the right door and from there collect the last diary then left for Ana Bray to get rewards of Polaris Lance Catalyst.

  • Earn 15 Javelin Multi kills.
  • Complete three PVP matches, Strange Terrain, and a special mission on Mars.
  • Replay the game on Glacial Drift.
  • Explore the Sleeper Node in Alto Dynamo.
  • Get rewards for Polaris Lance Catalyst from Ana Bray.

6. Polaris Lance Catalyst:

Technically it is not part of this quest game but the players must play to complete the game. Here they need to get 50 Perfect Fifth kills, enemies’ kills. While the mission is finished, Polaris Lance Catalyst has a target that should be finished. On the Polaris Lance Catalyst the players can utilize Dragonfly. Tragically, the step is unfathomably drawn-out. You should execute adversaries with equally of Perfect Fifth and Polaris Lance blast. Perfect Fifth blast is the intense step of this quest, missing sufficient destruction to execute most foes in a single blast. To craft this level simpler, start the Leviathan Raid without help from anyone else and explore the Castellum. Perfect Fifth blast and four shots are sufficient to bring behind the Cabal indoor, creating this step a lot simpler.

Conclusion: With all the guidance and the steps of Destiny 2 Nascent Dawn Quest the players can complete the game. They need a complete strategy and proper guides to win the quest game. Use powerful weapons and follow the tips that will help.

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