Indian Railways – Lifeline of India

Indian Railways is often referred to as Lifeline of India but did you ever wonder that why do we really refer Indian Railways as Lifeline of India? You probably didn’t and hence we decided to share our thoughts with you. We will tell you by Indian Railways is referred to as Lifeline of India and we found major points for that. We have listed the information about these 7 points below.

  • Travel – The first and the most important reason is that it offers an effective and cheap way to travel for the passengers. The passengers can use IRCTC Login details to simply book a ticket or they can travel on a general ticket. This is much more affordable than any other mean of transportation. As per an estimate, over 23 Million passenger travels via Indian Railways on daily basis and hence it is very important.
  • Electricity – If you are getting electricity in your home then this is because of the Indian Railways. This is because the thermal power stations are spread across the country and the railways help in the operations of these power plants by delivering coal to the thermal power plants. Without railways, the electricity can be really expensive.
  • Remote Stations – It should also be noted that there are many remote places in India which do not have access to Airports. For such places, it is possible to travel via Indian Railways. Without Indian Railways, life can stall and travelling can be troublesome.
  • Food Supplies and Cargo – Do you know that Indian Railways also plays a pivotal role in the transportation of Food Supplies and other cargo. With this, there could be an issue with the food supply and you might also find it hard to post things from one place to another. Indian Railways has played a key role in industrial development of the country as well. Apart from this, you would have noticed that Indian Railways is also used by Army to transport heavy guns and tanks.
  • Petroleum – We have already talked about the electricity and coal but the fact is that Indian Railways is also used to transport Petroleum products across the country. It is also used to transfer crude oil to refineries and hence Indian Railways helps us in moving from one place to another.
  • Employment – For citizens of India, Indian Railway is a lifeline for another reason. Indian Railway is an employer for many people and hence it helps them in meeting expense and running a family. Indian railways employee over 1 Million people and indirectly, it is responsible for providing employment to a large number of people.

This is the reason why we refer to Indian Railways as Lifeline of India. There are certainly many other reasons but these ones are the most significant ones. Apart from this, if you need any information about IRCTC then you can simply use your IRCTC Next Generation Login Details to log in to IRCTC Next Generation Portal and get the details about various facilities like IRCTC e-wallet.

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