5 Amazing Trade Show Booth Tips to Skyrocket Business Development

Trade show is an integral part of any traditional marketing drive. Business events no matter conference, trade show, seminar or meeting, are a great source to grab highly targeted clientele. Trade show is one technique that can bring highly positive results if done in a correct and scalable way. Obviously the main return on investment for any marketing drive is boosting sales, similarly trade show is subject to direct sales but it also does a superb job in skyrocketing the business impressions with spreading maximum brand awareness. Trade show event itself is not that very important for participating companies as there are tons of events happening all around and each gets a fair bit of human traffic. What is important is the booth itself. Here we are sharing some amazing tips to make your trade show booth attractive.

Be creative:

The biggest milestone to achieve when participating in a trade show is creating a buzz among the audience. There are tons of techniques exhibitors adopt to attract customers towards their booth, but all these efforts scale to one way and that is being creative. Some exhibitors use booth actors to compel customers towards their booth, some use different display kiosks and display screens that invite customers towards the booth. Even we have seen exhibitors talking parrots that could speak like Tom and Jerry, so that you can entice customers towards the trade show booth.

Video is the best way to engage:

Not only in the digital space but everywhere, video content is the best content to engage audience. There are tons of creative ways video could be used in trade show. One highly effective way to do this is using huge video walls, you can either showcase some branded video telling about your brand, or make a video for promotional offers. But, that’s what everyone would be thinking, as we talked earlier, we need to be creative, so be creative here too. You can show case an instant image on an attendee from the reception using a camera and can target them individually; this will create a buzz among attendees.

Embrace Technology:

Though many people are not aware of the usability of technology in events arena, obviously they are either failed marketers or failed businesses. Because we cannot even think about a modern day event without technology, therefore embracing technology is highly recommended. But, the real question is what type of technologies to embrace and what about the cost? Here is the answer, you can leverage latest technologies like virtual reality and mobile devices like iPad. Where to get is no more a problem with cheap virtual reality rental and technology rental companies offering services for corporate events like trade show.

Engage attendees with social media and foster sharing:

Social media is the biggest platform to spread a word about your brand to millions of customers. But, that is not only achieved by running paid campaigns, you can do so by just being a little socially friendly at your trade show booth. Also, you need to make your booth socially friendly by greeting visitors on entrance, offering a wide and engaged space, a DJ, and a demo arena to display your products.

Bring some special offers:

You know how much good it feels when you are offered a special discount or are offered with special treat surprisingly. Leverage this technique to create a highly engaged audience during a trade show by offering special offers and free products. You can also distribute gifts among visitors that contain your brand name. For example, a shirt, a key chain, a bottle, a USB drive or any such products of daily use could work just fine.

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