How to Make a Handmade Paper Flower Bouquet

We all have bought flowers as gifts and they are one of the best presents that can be chosen for any occasion. However, if the occasion demands a bit more of a personal touch, you can try to craft a lovely bouquet of paper flowers for your dear ones. These will no doubt make the gift more special and the memories can be preserved for a longer time than ordinary flowers. Contrary to popular beliefs, a handmade paper flower bouquet is quite easy to make and the two main things that you need are time and patience.

paper flowers

One advantage of creating or buying handmade bouquet of flowers pune is that you can use papers of various types and shades. These papers do not wither in heat and are quite perfect for outdoor use. While making paper flowers, you need not to create an exact floral shape and can get creative by designing something unique and eye-catching that will appear beautiful. They are also a great option for those who are within the limits of a budget and can be used in any occasion and even for decorating the house. There are many varieties of handmade flower bouquet in pune, which are available in some leading flower shops, but creating your own bouquet makes it more fun and it also adds much more significance to the gift.

So we are here to point out a few simple steps to help you to create a handmade paper flower bouquet at home. Hopefully, you will be able to craft a lovely bouquet on your own, after reading this.

You can start with a simple but elegant bouquet of a dozen flowers and the items that are needed to commence your work are listed below.

  1. Creep paper.
  2. Floral wire (Green colour)
  3. Floral tape(Green colour)
  4. Wired floral leaves.
  5. Scissors
  6. Wire cutter
  7. Ribbons

Once you have got your items, here are the steps that you need to follow for a perfect handmade flower bouquet.

  1. Cut out petal-shaped pieces from the paper roll. You can cut out multiple pieces so that you do not run short while creating the flowers.
  2. Cut a piece of metal wire to form the flower stalk and then cut a square shaped piece of paper. Fold the paper into a triangular shape and attach it to the top of the wire with tape.
  3. Fold the attached paper around the wire to form a bud and then keep adding the paper petals to the wire with the help of the tape. Continue this way till you get the size of the flowers that you want.
  4. Now you can take the wired leaves and twist them around each flower stalk. Once a dozen flowers are completed, gather all of them together and cover with floral tape. Cut the base of the wires to bring them into the same size.
  5. The next step will be to cover the base of the bouquet with the ribbon, so that it appears gorgeous. You can also wrap the bouquet from the base with a light-coloured paper to create a contrast with the flower colours
  6. Instead of creating flowers of a single colour, you can use papers of different colours to craft a multi-coloured bouquet. Roses and peonies are some of the most common paper flowers that can be used for a handmade flower bouquet.


So this is how to make handmade flower bouquet with a few basic steps and within a short time. You can try this once and as you gain confidence, you can vary the shape and design of the flowers to create more lovely designs.

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