How Small Leather Industry became Morocco Attractions

Every country has its own speciality and the legacy of that country is denoted by that specific aspect. This term is similar to the importance of blood in the human body and the importance of food in generating this blood. This aspect will serve as the nutrition to the growth of the economy and then the development of that country as well. This is a very big blessing on Morocco attractions that this country has such a big source of tourism and the heritage of this country is so mesmerizing that every single tourist who visit it is impressed by the norm and the multicultural aspect this country. But with the other cool and interesting aspect, there is another industry which is blooming here and this industry can interest the shopaholics which travel and love to collect stuff from different parts of the world. Though all the travelers love to collect different items from the parts of the world where they have been through but Morocco tourism is flourishing because tourist also wants to collect the Leather bags and rugs from this country. Exactly you have got it right this country hides a lot of leather industry in it and this leather is exported in thousands and millions of dollars all around the world.

Leather From Fez and Medina

So if you want to know the center where leather is especially turned into bags and other forms you have to visit Fez. This city is has specialized in flourishment of leather industry in Morocco. You can fetch your favorite bag from her at a very low price as these bags are here on the normal street shops and they look more expensive from the bags you buy from most of the brands in the UK.

Too many colors and types

You can’t even imagine how much variety is found here in fez and Medina, if you want to find the perfect leather bag then you need to visit the markets in these cities. There will be all the types and kinds of leathers which you can buy for yourself and they are so affordable that you can even gift these to your family and friends as offering after returning.

The leather tanneries

This practice of producing the leather is an ancient technique used in this region. There is an ancient tannery in the heart of Medina, here you can see all the formation and the manufacturing live! This factory of leather produces a large number of leather which is used by many factories in fez and Media for other factories in other regions of the country. The guide will tell you that this practice of making the beautiful leather from the skin of animals is reported back from the centuries. No one can imagine that in such a modernized world this state is still handling the production of leather in the same old way!

You can always say your guide to take you to the tanneries, one of the best Morocco tourist places when you will enter the area there will be a specific smell of ammonia which will surround you. This smell could be attractive form many people but some of the people might not like the aroma here and feel sick. There are many sites where you will get a chance to capture the pictures so do take your camera along. The method through they produce is very interesting and these tanneries are near the shrine of a saint which is there from the 14th century and this shrine is the reason of a part of Morocco tourism is also found here.

The Colour Pallets

There are many huge tanks which are constructed inside these tanneries and they have a lot of different colors in them. The interesting part is that these all pallets are so huge that once you will enter the tannery you will be shocked to see so much huge coulure pallet. Here different colors are been given to the leather and there are thousands of workers which work here for creating the best-coloured leather for export!

This is not the end if you get a chance to visit Morocco, you have to visit this area and also get the pictures with the huge color palettes of these tanneries in Fez and shop your favourite bags and shoes from Medina as not only this market has a huge variety but it is also unbelievably inexpensive. So make your trip more interesting, don’t snub the shopaholic inside you and buy as much leather accessories as you want on a very low price in Morocco.

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