How to find out who unsubscribed on Instagram: the possibilities of third-party applications and services

Instagram does not provide a notification that a user has unsubscribed from your profile updates. Tools available in any Instagram business account collect information about the number of followers who came to the page and unsubscribed users. At the same time, using this method, it will not be possible to find out who exactly left the list of your subscribers.

Checking in standard ways

To understand who exactly unsubscribed from updates to your Instagram profile, you need to manually examine the list of your followers. This approach is suitable for owners of small accounts whose number of followers does not exceed several hundred (if you need to get Instagram followers and likes we know 5 effective ways). It is this method that will help to identify whether a particular user has unsubscribed.

To determine the circle of unsubscribed users, you must log in to your Instagram profile in the official mobile application or desktop version of this social network. Then from the main page you will need to go to the “Subscribers” tab.

Here you can scroll through the list of followers, examining it for the presence of a certain person among the subscribers. To simplify the search process, you should use the search bar by entering the username of the user you are interested in.

How to See Who Unfollowed on Instagram Using Third-Party Apps

If there are a lot of Instagram followers and likes (RealityPaper knows how to get a lot of IG likes and how to buy Instagram likes from Likewave), then manually tracking down unsubscribed users will not work. In this case, third-party applications will come to the rescue, providing wider functionality than the official application and the desktop version of Instagram.

However, software of this kind will require authorization on Instagram, which is not always safe for the account owner. The risk is due to the need to link an account in a third-party application with valid registration data. There is also a chance that the Instagram algorithms will consider such activity suspicious and block the profile.

Applications for the Android operating system are available in the Play Store. However, before downloading such utilities, it is highly recommended to set up two-factor authentication on Instagram.

Mobile applications

Many mobile applications provide a free demo version, after which you will be asked to pay for the continued use of the service. It is also possible to have paid services to access the reports.

After downloading the program to detect unsubscribes from an Instagram profile, you need to go through the authorization procedure in this social network. Then you can begin to identify those who have ceased to be your subscriber.

Among other things, the functionality of such applications allows you to receive notifications that someone has subscribed to your Instagram page. In addition, with the click of a button, you can get rid of non-reciprocal users.

Follow Cop

As the name suggests, the platform allows you to track those who have unfollowed your Instagram account recently and then cancel non-reciprocal followings. The application is compatible with the Android operating system and has a free license. You can set filters and unfollow 20 Instagram accounts at the same time.

After installing this software, you will need to log in to it using your Instagram login. The service will independently begin to track unsubscribe statistics and identify bots. Although the functionality of this program does not allow you to find out the nickname of the person who unsubscribed from your Instagram account, however, it allows you to receive notifications of unsubscribes.

Followers Insight for Instagram

An application with similar functionality. Allows you to quickly figure out who did not want to remain your Instagram follower, as well as unsubscribe from non-reciprocal users.

This software collects statistics on the number of followers and unfollowers on Instagram. However, it has a significant drawback – an overabundance of advertising.


This solution is suitable for owners of Android and iOS devices who want to promote their Instagram page. This application helps to monitor the activity of other users, identifies non-reciprocal followers, and also tracks the fact of unsubscribing to account updates.

This software offers its users paid service packages and operates shareware free of charge.

The utility collects detailed statistics about the followers of the Instagram profile owner. With the help of complex analytics tools, you can determine which posts got the least likes, who blacklisted the profile owner or became a secret admirer.

Unfollowers for Instagram

A free service that allows Android users to track who has unfollowed their Instagram account in the past week. In addition, this platform helps to identify non-reciprocal users and compile lists of inactive subscribers. To find out the names of those who did not subscribe in response, you must use the “Unfollow” section.

Online Services

Specialized online services for tracking who unsubscribed on Instagram allow you to automate the process of identifying those users who did not want to see updates to your Instagram account in their news feed. Unlike mobile applications, you do not need to install third-party software on the device, since all actions are performed directly in the browser.

On the official sites of such services, you will need to register and link the page to Instagram by entering your username and password from it. After that, you can start viewing analytical data.

Insta Plus

This online service is designed for automated promotion of an Instagram account. Using this service, you can detect unsubscribed users and cancel non-reciprocal subscriptions in one click. There is a 5-day trial period. To continue using the platform’s capabilities, you will have to pay for the purchase of a license.

Friend or Follow

This site allows you to monitor followers and track unfollowers on Instagram. This online service is more suitable for computers and works on a paid basis, allowing you to link multiple accounts in various social networks.

In addition, this platform allows you to sort subscribers and track those who did not want to subscribe in response.


Another online service that allows you to find users who have unfollowed you on Instagram. Free access is provided for one Instagram account. There is a paid version that removes such restrictions.

The registration procedure involves specifying data for authorization in the Instagram profile and requesting confirmation from an email address.

Among other things, this online service allows you to determine fans, recent subscriptions and unsubscribes, as well as create white and black lists of followers.

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