What is Customer Insights Solutions?

            Customer insights solutions are insights on the behavior of your customers, their perception of the brands, and other opportunities that help drive revenue growth to create strategies for your portfolio and begin an agile consumer-centered mix of marketing. This helps you to creatively market to your customers using their likes and dislikes to make choices in your business.

            Customer insights solutions are solutions that help your business to grow by satisfying your customers. To find your customer insights solutions you will need to do some research for your company. This will help you to find the likes and dislikes of your customers.

            You can also do research on companies that are similar to yours to see what they like. This can help you to get an outsider’s view on what you need to do for your company. This will come in handy when you are looking at all the research that can help your company.

Ways to Get Customer Insight

1. Online Reviews

Almost everyone likes to leave online reviews because it gives them a small sense of power. They feel that what they have to say can make a difference with the company. If you are a smart business owner, you will read these customer reviews and change your business accordingly. You want to make your customers happy, and you can do that by showing that you are listening to them.

2. Competitors Reviews

You will also want to look at your competitor’s reviews to see what they are doing right and what they need to improve in. If you can see their reviews and make changes in your company to fill in their gaps, your company can be more successful. The same thing goes if you see what they are doing right to see if your company needs to make changes in those areas, as well.

3. Website Data

You can collect lots of data from your website, especially by using Google Analytics and other such programs. You can get data for behavioral traits, demographic information, and campaign data. The behavioral data that you can collect is the keywords, paths, and pages that the customer is using to interact with your page. The demographic information that is being collected is things like age, gender, interests, location, and devices they are using. The campaign information they are getting is finding out which pages are leading to sales.

4. Competitor Website Data

You can look at your competitor’s website data the same as you look at yours but look for the places where they are doing well and the places where they are needing help. Compare your data to theirs and see what you can do to match the places they are doing well and improve where they are needing help. Hopefully, you are already doing this and making changes where you need to make those changes.

5. Preference and Purchase Activity

You want to know which products are being sold the most and who is buying them. So, you want to know the general products that are popular and the individual products that are popular. You should have the tools to track that information in your eCommerce package:https://www.shopify.com/blog/ecommerce-packaging. If you have an email account for your business, there is even more data that you can get from that.

6. Customer Surveys

Surveys have been a great way to collect data since the days of door-to-door salesmen and pads of paper. With all the technology that is available today, there are even more ways to collect survey information. You can find out things like where the customer heard about you, what they like about you, how you can improve and more.

7. Customer Interviews

You can collect information from customer interviews, as well. This information is similar to what you can learn from surveys, but with interviews, you can also add follow-up questions to get even more information. If they like your service, you can ask them what they like most about your service. Then you could follow up on that question, as well, to get even more information.

8. Success Stories and Case Studies

This is another type of customer interview but goes into even more detail. The customers will give you stories about how your business has helped them and what you are doing right. There will be short stories about what needs to change, as well. The customer can go into more detail and tell you what is right and what needs work.

9. Partnerships

Find partnerships that work for you and that make sense for your business. Find ways to integrate other companies that work well with what you do. By doing this you will find that you appeal to other customers that were not previously your customers.

10. Social Media

Do not forget that social media is big, and you can take advantage of it. You want to have social media pages for your business that interacts with the customers. You can share praise and maybe get praise for your products or services. Use social media to the best of your abilities because it can help you out.

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