A Software Review For IOTransfer 4 And Its Features

If you are a gadget, freak person and like to check out all the apps and functions of a phone especially the iPhones then one should also know about all the functions and features of the phone. Today all know the apps like IOtransfer. Those who are using an iPhone, they know all the function of this app better. With the help of this IOtransfer one can share media files on your iPhone or iPad or pc with the help of WiFi and USB cable. One can take backups of all the previous videos and pictures from this app. This app clears all the junk caches from the phone and frees much space in the internal storage. With this tool app, you can manage other apps on the iPhone. Now I will provide a software review for IOTransfer 4 in briefly. This app is better than moborobo and very user-friendly in comprising with iTunes.

Feature Of The Iotransfer And An Overall Review About This Tool

The users of iPhones are always looking forward to introducing new features every day. They want to get better and new apps which will help them to use their phones with more joy. This IOTransfer 4 is a great option for all of them who want to manage apps easily. Most of the people use iTune in their phone but sometimes it does not run easily. However, this tool will fulfill all your requirements.

What Is IOTransfer:

It is a tool, which design to transfer many files or other documents from iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, and iPod from your windows PC. One can share photos, videos, and file by it.


If you are using the IOTransfer 3 for many years then you should upgrade it to experience the better features of this software. Some of the most important features are of this IOTransfer 4 tool given below.

1. You can download the picture from Instagram.

2. Works as to scan and clean for the phone.

3. It is a wireless transfer.

4. It helps to manage the apps and video downloader also.

5. This app makes GIFs.

6. This tool is to Transform the HEIC to JPG.


The performance of this app is very useful. People are very much satisfied with this tool. None of the users complained about this managing app for the iPhone. The interface of this tool is very much impressive. It clearly shows each detail of the iPhone’s app details in it. You will never feel any hesitation to use this app. However, sometimes few people faced some interruption to use the app. Though the makers solve them soon they make complains about it. It is a helpful tool to download thus is considered as YouTube video downloader.

Performance And In-Depth Review

Those who are used this tool to give Software Review For IOTransfer 4. The speed of file transferring is very fast. With a single time, it can share many things. From a large, file to small megabits pictures. No one ever faced any connection issue in the time of transferring. One can also download the songs of YouTube to MP3 on iPhone iPad: so it is a better option to install this app on your phone to take the benefits of this tool.


The features and services of these apps accessible by the IOTransfer 4 catch many people’s attention. This tool even encourages people who do not use the app before. The quick updates and solving the user’s problem encourages more to install the app with the time.

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