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Machine Learning- A Powerful Business Intelligence Tool

Majority of the businesses these days employ the use of Machine Learning. It does what humans can’t. Thus, allowing companies to direct the efforts elsewhere to increase the revenues. Machine learning coupled with Artificial Intelligence is changing how businesses operate these days. Here are the many ways in which businesses are employing the use of artificial intelligence.

Personalization of Customer Funnels

Business Intelligence is capable of affecting both the bottom and top customer funnels. It is very important to please your customers these days. The growing power of social media and the liberty with which customers can post about a company or a brand, asks of companies to employ the use of Machine Learning to analyze the patterns.

From learning about the customer behavior to suggesting them a product that best suits them, ML is capable of doing all. Thus, making it easier for brands or companies to improve their products and services. I once had to inquire about the Optimum Specials and the chatbots guided me well.

It is not possible for human beings to always analyze in the best way possible. ML is capable of doing so with much more efficiency and accuracy than human beings.

Giving Customer Experiences a Human Touch

You may not realize but when you get connected to an online customer representative, it is often a chatbot answering you. Machine Learning makes these chatbots capable enough to gather tons of information regarding a person and then communicate with him in the way that pleases him. Machine Learning also enables businesses to extract actionable insights about customers. All of this from a huge amount of data.

Machine learning also allows companies to detect if a customer is dissatisfied with a particular service. Or if there is any way that the company can fix the relationship with a certain customer. Because at the end of the day, customer satisfaction plays a major part in deciding the fate of a business.

Improve Operational Processes

Machine Learning enables businesses to improve their operational processes. These processes include the likes of customer service, marketing, finance, and supply chain. If you are wondering how Machine Learning can aid the businesses in running swift operations, then collecting data is the answer.

This collected data then does the magic. Because ML and AI use this data that is gathered from various operational aspects to make sense out of it. This, in turn, helps a business to carry operations in a better way. As businesses can automate the processes and increase their productivity.

Analyzing Large Sets of Data

As discussed above, Machine Learning enables businesses to analyze large sets of data. Which is not humanly possible otherwise. Thus saving companies the cost that they would have to pay to the employees. Business Intelligence involves analyzing huge sets of data. Naturally, this is time-consuming if a person does it manually. Therefore, Machine Learning benefits businesses in doing both- saving time and getting work done with efficiency.

This automation that ML allows businesses to have allows the employees to focus on trend analysis. Apart from that, employees can also direct their energies toward studying behavior patterns. Thus, bringing great value to the organization that employs the use of Machine Learning.

Improving Data Quality Checks

It is a common practice for businesses to employ the use of ML and AI to analyze data. However, businesses can also use ML for data quality checks. This includes both transformation and extraction. Some examples of data quality checks that ML along with AI can aid businesses with include outlier identification, metadata checks, anomaly detection in data. This allows for a well-structured data that the analytic users can make better use of.

Provide with Actual Forecasting Answers

Not only does ML come equipped with the power to create demand models that are only capable of suggesting or predicting market trends, or the revenue levels. ML provides actual answers to all these. Businesses agree that ML has aided them in predicting the future accurately in many instances.

What enables ML to come up with a very precise and accurate behavior pattern is the study of historical data.

Real-Time Data Analysis

ML allows the companies to spot an anomaly in real-time and take immediate action to fix it. For example, companies can spot fraud immediately.

I didn’t realize its advantage until my neighbor shared something interesting. He was once working on a project and had to analyze the trends regarding Optimum Internet cost. Thanks to ML, he was able to analyze the data very accurately and made a precise report. I was impressed! The scope is huge no doubt!

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