5 Must Have Tools For Your Car In 2018

The man has evolved from riding on animals to driving comfortably in fast cars. Today, we quickly cut long distances by merely sitting at one single corner. Although our ancestors might fantasize about today’s modes of transport, we here are living our age!

One out of three families today in our country owns at least one motor car. Buying a car has become more of a mainstream for our generation. Got the first salary? Let’s save that for your first car!

But let’s get reminded, every ride in your car doesn’t always mean it’ll be the most comfortable one. There are times when your car gives up on you and gets a bit stubborn.

For such situations, every driver must be ready with a plan to tackle.

Here’s a list of stuff that can help you become a fully prepared driver,ready to face any misfortune.

• Flashlight

When will you not need a flashlight?! From finding your stuff under your seat or while bending down to change the tires. A handy rechargeable flashlight will undoubtedly lighten up your ride without any hassle. Torches can also work in case of signaling a minor accident or when both your headlights turn off or when you want to confirm the amount of fuel in your car. In the least, when an invader tries breakthrough your car, flash the beam of light right at his/her face and do what you can in the moment. Having a mini weapon might come handy.

• Spare tire, tire iron, and tire jack

Flat tire? Don’t panic! Gather all your strength and replace the existing one with a new one using the tire jack and tire iron. Yeah, it might sound difficult, but you must ask your driving teacher to know better.

Also, if you’re not enough to do it alone, you can unquestionably ask for help from the people around you.

• iSECURO GPS Tracker for Car

Lost your track? Never mind. Get to your address safe and sound by using the iSECURO GPS for Car. It’s a light-weighted device which cannot be noticed(if not looked for). The primary purpose of such GPS and GSM enabled devices is tracing your favorite vehicles when lost or stolen.

In short, If you don’t want to be involved in lengthy processes of police cases or talking with the insurance company, these dust-cheap devices like the iSECURO can be of immense help.

• Fire extinguisher

The car caught fire? Get out! That’s dangerous!! Quickly grab a handy fire extinguisher, that you must always keep at an accessible spot of your car.

To sum up, try resolving the fire with the extinguisher and report to the fire safety department ASAP.

• USB mobile device charger

Dead mobile? Don’t hesitate to invest in buying a USB mobile device charger. No one knows when your car and mobile get dead altogether and you reach at your wit’s end. Also, power bank HELPS!


Don’t be too lazy to avoid reading your car’s manual. It has some real tips that might guide you more than anyone else. Also, even a car breakdown isn’t as severe as your lack of confidence! Don’t worry- yah heard it right, EVERYTHING’S GONNA BE ALRIGHT!

Let us know in the comments below the devices you use in your car for safe journeys. Until then, Goodbye.

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