4 Career Paths for Those Who Don’t Want to Be in an Office

When you think of the usual nine-to-five-style job, you might immediately be hit with visions of cubicles in a bleak office, awful fluorescent lighting, and people stuck behind desks all day. This doesn’t inspire a lot of enthusiasm for jobs like this, and although a lot of companies are trying to make their workspaces more inviting and comfortable these days, desk jobs aren’t right for everybody. If you are the kind of person who dreads the idea of working in a role like that, here are four alternative career paths you can explore that don’t require you to sit behind a desk in an office all day.

Courier Driver

If you enjoy being behind the wheel more than a desk, this could be a perfect job for you. Courier drivers tend to work on a freelance basis, but even if you do work for a big company as a courier driver, you don’t have your boss watching you all day long. Generally, courier drivers tend to manage their workloads and schedule themselves in a lot of cases, and you can set your routes and rest stops according to your needs. You can even find additional courier jobs if you wanted to make extra cash. This role is perfect for someone who likes to be on the road and have a change of scene each day.

Park Ranger

If you have a love of the great outdoors, then becoming a park ranger could be your dream job. You get to live in some of the most breathtakingly beautiful places in the world, and it is your job to help preserve these areas and teach people how to respect nature. You will have extended knowledge of the environment in that area and see signs of change that need to be monitored for the local eco-systems. You’ll also learn about the history of these areas and the culture. It’s a fantastic job for those who want to immerse themselves in nature and care for the planet and these fantastic spaces.

Armed Forces

These roles aren’t for everybody, but many people who do join the armed forces have found that it offered them a sense of purpose. You will learn a variety of skills in these roles and you will receive a generous salary for your service, too. These jobs are incredibly well-respected and due to the skills that you will gain during your education and training in the armed forces, you will find that you have many other career options available to you should you need or want to continue working when you retire from the service.

Events Management

While there will be a level of desk work involved in events management, most of the time you will be out at venues and overseeing each part of your events project. You will be meeting with clients to discuss their vision for their event, sourcing entertainment, doing risk assessments, liaising with caterers, curating guest lists, working on event promotion—there is a lot to cover in event’s management and it will certainly keep you on your toes!

If you are looking for a job that can offer you a little more excitement than your average office job, and a role that keeps you away from a desk as much as possible, consider the suggestions above and see if they could be the right roles for you.

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