Your Winter Thermal Wear Guide: What To Keep In Mind

Winter is coming. Soon, there will be a chilly breeze that would nip your skin. And sure enough, you will have to go shopping for thermal wear. The men’s winter innerwear and thermal innerwear for ladies may look to be the same but are different in small details. In this article, you will be guided on which fabric to prefer for your innerwear, the size of your innerwear and thickness of the layers that should be present.

When going out to buy thermal wear for yourself, make sure to keep in mind the quality of the fabric. You would also want to make sure that the innerwear in comfortable and breathable in. Usually, people would look for a mixture of style, comfort, and warmth in their innerwear.


There are a different type of cold during winters. The varying degree of cold during winters would usually call for a different amount of layering. There are fundamentally at least 3 layers. (4 layers due to extreme cold)

  • The base layer– this layer is made of your thermal wear. This layer keeps the body warmth in. You would prefer a wicking fabric when it comes to this layer.
  • Mid layer (one)– this layer consists of a breathable fabric.
  • Outermost layer– this layer keeps the air from touching the body. Usually, a thick jacket or coat is worn.

All of these layers are worn in different combination according to the varying degree of cold.

Fabric for thermal wear

Thermal wear is the most important layer to protect us against the cold. The thermal layer helps to keep the cold out and the warmth in.  to find the perfect fabric for this is important. There are some qualities that are required of the fabric

  1. It should be a wicking fabric. (explained later)
  2. It should keep body warmth in
  3. Should be comfortable
  4. It must have a snug fit on the body

Wicking fabric

Like stated above, your thermal wear should be of a wicking fabric. The ability of a fabric to transport water from one place to another away from the body is known as its wicking ability. Thermal inner wears for ladies should have good wicking ability as the thermal wear are the closest to the body and when an individual perspires, his sweat should be evaporated away from his body.

Best Fabric

Merino wool

If you can invest in Merino Wool. Merino wool may be expensive, but it is worth every penny. It is rather easy to maintain it retains body heat very well and can be worn for days on end and still not stink.

Synthetic fibers

A perfect mixture of synthetic fibers can offer you versatility. Synthetic fibers are economic and durable. For those who are budget conscious, thermal wear made of synthetic fabrics is the best option. Winters is not about the cold outside, it’s about the warmth inside; metaphorically and literally. This winters with the proper men’s winter innerwear and thermal innerwear for ladies keep warm and hot.

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