Why You Should Install A Versatile And Durable Aluminium Ute Tray

Australians love their utes and use them to do just about everything wherever they need to do it, be it work or play! Utes are built tough for heavy-duty work on the road or off it. Even so, there are some add-ons that can make our tough utes even tougher! One of the most popular is the aluminium ute tray.

If you are a trade person or farmer, the chances are you already have one, or are considering purchasing an aluminium ute tray for your hard-working vehicle. They are a great investment because they protect your ute while you are transporting heavy or dirty loads that might scratch or damage a tray-less bed.

Ute trays are designed to withstand abuse from heavy-duty equipment and loads of abrasive materials like gravel. They are the perfect solution to keep your ute’s back clean and good as new underneath whatever it is you need to haul! These heavy-duty trays slide easily into place, and their smooth surface makes them simpler to load and unload. You can even remove the aluminium sides on a flatbed ute to more easily facilitate the unloading process.

The tray is especially handy for commercial vehicles, you can make deliveries of whatever goods your business provides, be it parcels, foodstuffs, building supplies- you name it, a breeze as they can slide in and out of an aluminium ute tray with speed and ease. If you need overhead protection from the elements, that can be added as well! These trays are easily customisable so you can get anything you need or desire ready to do the job you need it to do!

If you are a travelling food truck then you can have a stove, refrigerator, and even a pizza oven installed on your ute tray! You can also install extra safety features such as tray lockers to keep your valuable tools secure. No need to worry about driving over rough terrain since all your expensive equipment will be safely packed away inside the ute tray, undercover.

Some other popular ute tray add-ons for you to consider depending on your hobby or business include ladder racks, window protection, rear step tail light surrounds, tonneau covers, sliding drawers, adjustable shelving, tray lockers, underbody lockers, roof racks, bike racks, top tent and so many more- pretty much whatever you imagine can be applied to the highly versatile aluminium ute tray!

If you happen to be replacing an existing ute tray made from a less durable material, it is in your best interests to make the switch to aluminium, it is much sturdier and more weather and abuse-resistant. Heavy-duty aluminium trays give you maximum protection as well as provide ample space for storage. A high-quality aluminium tray might be a bit more expensive, but it is an excellent investment that will last a long time because it is nearly rustproof, a major problem for most other metals.

So, if you want to take your ute to the next level and make it shine, you know what to do! Install one of these great aluminium ute trays today!

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