Why Do You Need to Clean Office Doors Regularly?

Without a doubt, the door is the most touched and used element in any building. It means the door will get dirty and accumulate germs and bacteria, which can spread to the whole office. 

When it comes to cleaning an office space, many people focus on windows, desks, computers, floors, and stairs. People often overlook the doors, which is a huge mistake. That is because everyone comes in through the door and it is the first thing they notice in your office. Yet, several companies ignore cleaning the doors. 

For instance, you visit an office and the door is dirty and full of handprints and stains. Will you touch that door without feeling disgusted? Of course not. So, it is essential to clean the door regularly. 

Still not convinced why you should clean the door daily? Not to worry, we have talked about it in detail. 

Create a Great First Impression 

Will you touch a door that is sticky, oily, full or handprints, or simply disgusting? We will certainly not. As a business, you want to create a great first impression on potential clients, employees, and visitors. The door will serve as the face of your values as a business. You must have a clean office at all times. Of course, you want to present yourself as a sleek and professional company that pays attention to small details. 

 Also, it will be the last thing they see when leaving. So, we advise sending them off with a good impression rather than sickness. That’s why you must keep the door hygienic and clean. 

Moreover, having curbside waste is not good for your office. There are professional companies for Curbside Junk Removal in Fairfield, kindly get in touch with them. 

Avoids Spreading Germs and Bacteria

How do you open the door? By pushing it or turning the door handle or doorknob, right? Now, just for a second think if the hands of people are clean? No, they are not. People carry a lot of germs and bacteria with their hands. 

For instance, a person sneezes, or wipes their runny nose, or coughs they use their hands. The germs are transferred to their hands. Now, that person will use infected hands to open the door. Hence, the germs will be passed onto the door and from there to other people. 

Moreover, a virus can survive on the surface for a long time, depending on the virus. If you don’t clean the doors regularly, many people in your office will get infected; therefore, increasing the risk of an epidemic. 

All these problems can be avoided if you will just clean your doors frequently. 

Fewer Absentees In Office 

By now, it will be clear that different types of people touch the door. This means several types of bacteria and germs gathering in one place that can infect whoever touches the door. When employees get sick, they will lose work hours. It means productivity will be low as employees will not show up to work or will be less productive. You might have heard that lost time is lost money, which you can never recover. 

When the doors are cleaned regularly, people will not be sick and absenteeism will be less. Thus, productivity will improve as employees will be happy and work smoothly. 

How to Clean Doors?

No doubt, doors are made of different materials. The most commonly used are glass and wood. When it comes to cleaning them, every material has a unique method. 

Glass Door

The first thing you must do is dust the door to eliminate all the dirt. Then, use a mixture of soap and water to wipe down the door. Use paper towels to dry the glass. Lastly, use a glass vacuum cleaner for home to bring a shine.

Wood Door

For cleaning wooden doors, you must open the door wide to clean the top and side edges. Use a damp cloth to clean the trim on the sides and doorknob. Dry the door and use furniture polish to bring shine. 

We hope now you know the significance of clean doors in a building, especially offices. A clean door helps prevent bacteria from spreading. It will be useful in enhancing productivity and create a good impression on visitors. If you have difficulty in cleaning the doors, you can always get help from 3 Kings Hauling & More.

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