Why Analytics Matters The Most On Amazon

Amazon is a great selling platform without any exaggeration. It is one of the biggest commerce platforms that meet the needs of millions of customers around the globe. But it is vital to remember that it is a data-driven company and not a brand-oriented entity at all. Yes, you can do a bit of branding with your product listings and content on your seller account. But Amazon will never take any brand image into the account. It is not used to depend on brand loyalty but is rather deeply dependent on the data. It will help you sell only if you can present details that matter on this platform. You will have to write product descriptions in a format allowed on this platform. You will never be allowed to add prices on the descriptions and cannot just market things over there. Yes, you can choose advertisements and better graphics to enhance the visibility and reach of your products. But branding has nothing to do with search results. Amazon will take price, selling history and, features of a product or a deal while bringing your product on top of the search.

Using analytics to keep carving packages of data for analysis and reporting is key to success when it comes to selling on Amazon. A business entity cannot just excel by offering products the way it wants. One will always have to rely on the data and reports generated for diagnostics and analysis on Amazon. You can know more about how brand analytics and sales analytics by contacting experts in the niche. Websites like www.olifantdigital.com provide valuable information on most amazon topics.

What Is Amazon Brand Analytics?

Amazon understands the needs of its sellers and that’s why it is serving entities with classified details on how things work on Amazon. Amazon brand analytics is a tool that is offered by this platform to help sellers run diagnostics. It is always difficult to carve data by scrutinizing the search histories and web traffic all the time. But it becomes an easier task to accomplish when Amazon is ready to serve sellers with classified details. ABA offers all different kinds of details including search histories, targeted keywords, traffic, and, even the product that is bestselling. It will offer the buy box to every item that sells superfluously. Besides it all, you can contact us to understand how it works in real-time. You can get data on the following items while running Amazon brand analytics.

  • Targeted keywords
  • Click and conversion share
  • Search frequency for different products
  • Demographics reports (age, gender, education, etc.)
  • Item comparison to see which product is being searched the most

Running the diagnostics will bring you the data that you need to make improvements in your program. Yes, you can make all vital changes in your approach towards selling your items on Amazon after knowing how things work in real-time.

5 Metrics That Matter In Meeting Your Goals On Amazon

Many business entities set a “seller central” or “vendor central” account to sell their products online. Just like all other conventional business plans, the goals are set and strategies are developed to meet those set goals. But besides doing all basic work, it is also vital to keep an eye on certain metrics to if one has to embrace success on this platform. Remember, you need to keep positioning your products instead of branding if you want to attain desired outcomes. The following five metrics need to be tracked regularly for better positioning of the items on Amazon.

Sales Diagnostics

Sales diagnostics are vital in keeping an eye on the performance of all different items being sold on Amazon. It will help you conduct the most comprehensive competitor analysis as well. You will be able to calculate the shipped cogs with these wonderful metrics. It will also let you track order revenue while you will always be able to know how to get a “buy box”. The third-party competition in terms of varying prices can also be monitored with this wonderful tool. It is easy to cater to all different sales details but you can also do your own research to know how sales diagnostics can prove productive for your store.

Traffic Diagnostics

Traffic matters the most, not only in sales but also in order processing. This specific metric deals with order processing in general but you can also use it to understand how people are clicking your products. Click and conversion rate can also be defined with this diagnostics tool. It ensures that you have enough inventory stocks for prime shipping. Staying above 85% works for the seller. You can simply meet Amazon ordering parameters with good research and help from experts.


It is another wonderful diagnostic metric available for sellers on Amazon. A business entity does not just fulfill orders on this platform but can also let customers go for pre-orders. Pre-ordering enhances traffic to the product listings and enables sellers to build a strong customer base. Sellers often randomly take the help of Google to understand how this specific thing works for their product promotions. Many business entities are using pre-orders to keep people interested in their products and offers. A pre-order is very likely to come with a special offer and that’s what entices customers in advance.

Forecast and Inventory Planning

This specific report is probably the most complex as it leaves many sellers in dismay. Most of the sellers shape their strategies after seeing the forecast reports. But it really frustrates them when they do not see the orders coming their way. It is vital to know that Amazon will always exhibit the total need instead of segmenting the need only for your product. It is strongly recommended that you should be thorough in your research and tactics to know how exactly this phenomenon works for sellers.

Customer Behavior

It is one of the most wonderful metrics that Amazon offers to the sellers. One can monitor customer behavior by downloading the diagnostics report on customer behavior. It will tell you how customers reacted to your products and what they liked buying from your online store.

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