Top Three Qualities Of Leather Supplied By Leather Suppliers

Leather has been used since a very long time of human civilization. The hides of animals are used to produce leather. Different types of leathers are produced from the skin of different animals. Their skin can be used for a variety of purposes like gloves, dresses, boots, rugs, belts and many other things. There are a lot of factors which determines the quality of the leather-like how the animal was kept, the food it was offered, diseases, etc. The skin of the animal is removed with precision and the hair is removed (if not used) after which it is dried naturally. This process is simple but complicated at the same time as all the steps should be taken care of with a lot of attention and precision. The Industrial Revolution modernized the entire process of the leather tanning industry. It helped the leather industry to become more efficient and hygienic. The leather suppliers possess the different quality of leathers which are used for different uses.

This article sums up the different types of leather available in the industry:

Full Grain Leather – The best quality of leather that you will find in the stores of a leather supplier is the full grain leather. The uppermost layer of the skin or the hide is known as the full grain leather. This upper layer is then split into different layers as per the required thickness. As it is the topmost layer of the leather, it also consists of scars which were a part of the animal it was taken from. The hair cell patterns can also be seen if it is not processed or hidden. After the skin is removed, it is coloured or dyed into various colours and a lot of protective layering can be added. These are the strongest and the most durable layer of skin and thus the best type of leather available in the market. The leather suppliers use this leather in supplying it to people involved in upholstery, garments and saddlery business.

Corrected or Embossed Grain – It is the second-best type of leather available. As the full grain type of leather contains scratches and scars, this variant of the leather does not contain any scratches or scars. Once divided into layers, the topmost layer of the leather is buffed and sanded which removes all kinds of imperfections. The result is flawless and perfect but what happens is that after the buffing and sanding, the leather does not retain its natural properties and hence becomes a second-grade quality which is inferior to the full grain leather. The feel is also not as natural as in the previous case. The leather suppliers use this type of leather to supply to the producers of bags, purses, and belts. They are also used in the business of upholstery as a substitute for full grain leather.

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Split Suede – It is the third best quality of leather available. It is the second layer of the leather which is obtained after the removal of the topmost layer of the leather. After the topmost layer is removed, i.e., the full grain leather is extracted what remains is suede on both sides of the skin. This suede skin is known as split suede leather. These are available in various thicknesses and the thickness is totally dependent on the application of the leather. The result is a by-product of tanning and other processes and hence it is used for less costly materials like cheaper garments and upholstery requirements. The suede look is also used to create an artificial appearance of the full grain leather which is again a cheaper and yet efficient substitute to the best quality used by the leather suppliers.

These were the top three types of leather available with the suppliers and hence quite popular among the leather suppliers. They are used in different situations and available in the market extensively.

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