Top 5 Web Hosting Companies in Pakistan

Making maximum money from different sources and means is the desire of every one. Nowadays, earning money from online jobs is becoming a great trend. It is a big challenge for Pakistani people to get huge money from online sources. It seems that earning money from online jobs is simple and easy and many people consider it as a part-time job but it is not a right assumption at every time. Because of word of mouth and different stories people believe that they can easily earn money from online jobs i-e from ad clicking and data entry etc these are not authentic it is a way to trap people by showing them different kinds of benefits, they just waste your time and money nothing else. But it is all not true that in Pakistan you cannot do online business, there is a hope and many web hosting companies are working in Pakistan which provides services and solutions for increasing the success chance of business.

There are some best web hosting companies of Pakistan which are listed below


This company is working in Pakistan from the last eighteen years. It offers Wildcard SSL, dedicated servers, business emails, domain names, website hosting, allied services and VPS servers. Due to its vast experiences, its services are reliable. It has modest VPS server and it is a great opportunity to start your business with this web hosting company having trustworthy administration.

2. Ipage

Ipage is founded in 1998 and re-launched in 2009. It helps in providing flexibility for making online nearness that can portray the image of a business. Ipage is owned by Endurance international group. It provides services of domain registration as well as web hosting. It provides best solutions to webmasters for creating websites. It provides low-cost packages of shared web hosting for small sites. It offers to drop and drag based site builders due to which a non-tech user can also create a website. Its shared hosting plan helps the users by giving unlimited domains against a monthly fee.

3. hostOsite

hostOsite is providing their hosting services to People of Pakistan from last 2 years with rapid growth in industry. They are offering SSD Server based hosting whilst others are offering SATA based. Customers with hostOsite are satisfied with their up time as well as their quality service. The best part is, this Pakistani Web Hosting company offers weekly/monthly backups with free SSL certificates to customers.

4. Godaddy

This web hosting company is working for a long period of time and provides a best simple approach for bringing your thoughts and ideas on the internet. It is work in Pakistan and also works internationally it has above 13 million customers around the whole world. It helps the business owners to begin their business online. It helps its clients through web hosting by giving best-computerized opus.

5. Host Gator

There is another option of web hosting company for people of Pakistan i-e Host Gator. It provides all necessary tools for completion of website functions and best opportunity for starting an online career. Host Gator provides the website to its client as early as possible so that a customer or client can start his business quickly. Host Gator has a partnership with Weebly, which is an e-commerce platform, due to which customers can get the incredible and affordable website in a small time.

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