Top 5 Online Food Ordering Systems For Restaurants

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads, more and more restaurants are beginning to rely on pickup and delivery services to maintain business. In comparison to sit-down dining, it is a very different experience, and many establishments aren’t equipped to handle online orders. You must have access to the greatest restaurant online ordering system or hospitality app you can find in order to make this shift. We’ll introduce you to five of the top restaurant online ordering services in this article. 

What Is The Use Of A Food Ordering System?

Using an online food ordering system, your company may handle and receive online orders for delivery or takeaway. Before placing their orders and making payments online, consumers can explore a digital menu on an app or website.

Top 5 Online Food Ordering Systems:

1. Restolabs:

Customers can choose what kind of order they want to place with ease using our online meal ordering system. Customers can enter their address on a live map if they need delivery. They can then choose their preferred menu items, verify their address, and submit their payment information. However, you can accept cash payments at the time of pickup or delivery or handle credit card payments with Restolabs.

2. MenuDrive:

Customers using smartphones will find it simple to utilize the restaurant’s online ordering system because you can put up menus that are viewable across all devices. You can design the system so that it processes payments with credit cards and sends you any updates you want. Both your delivery zones and your business hours can be set up using MenuDrive.

3. GloriaFood:

GloriaFood is a free alternative to the majority of other restaurant ordering websites. You may process delivery and takeaway orders, as well as reservations for tables, using the base platform. When you are able to completely reopen, customers may even use it to order food in advance so that it will be ready when they arrive at your restaurant to dine in.

4. UpMenu:

You may process delivery and takeaway orders with UpMenu and accept online payments with Stripe and PayPal. This platform gives you a lot of options when it comes to pricing because it lets you define minimum order numbers, charge for packaging, and more. Another good feature is that it allows clients to tip drivers directly through your ordering system.

5. ChowNow:

That strategy reduces costs, of course, but if you want to start providing takeaway and delivery right now, you might need some assistance. With a website, an app, or both, ChowNow helps its customers put up online ordering platforms. Additionally, ChowNow assists restaurants in marketing their online ordering capabilities. This website’s disadvantage is that its plans are pricey. It offers a standard monthly option with a price range of $149 to $399 for setup per location.


However, a lot of eateries that previously wouldn’t have thought about providing delivery or pickup are now making the leap. Fortunately, there are many different restaurant online ordering systems to choose from, making the changeover simpler than ever. If you already utilize WordPress, you have even more choices.

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