Top 10 Reasons to Opt for PMP Training Certification

Every organization in the world has to work with ventures or projects; an organization’s success rate mostly depends upon the projects they take. Taking the project is not a big deal, but completing the same before a particular deadline is much more important. Handling a project is not an easy job to pursue. But it needs the experience of working and leading a project. For this purpose, organizations do not take any chance to hire a non-certified professional, but they hunt for certified, experienced professionals of PMP Training.

PMI-PMP Certified Professionals

The PMI-PMP Certified Professionals are the ones who are meant to become the best Project Manager. The PMI-PMP certification is not only a certification but can see as a badge of honor provided by the globally recognized and renowned institution, i.e., Project Management Institute.

The PMP certified professionals are one of the most highly knowledgeable and skillful individuals who have all the required experience and expertise in the project management field.

These professionals have a lot of qualities, abilities, and skills when it comes to the management of any project. These professionals can do a lot of work like incident management, risk management, problem management, risk detection, time management, staff management, quick decision making, and management of decisions, and they know the common language between the leadership, stakeholders, and teams working on a project.

Understanding the PMP certification

The Project Management Professional Certification is meant for the Project Managers who want to verify their expertise in the project management field across the globe. The PMP certification is provided by the PMI or Project Management Institute, which is globally reputed. And the PMI is dedicated to verifying the project management of an individual since the beginning of the PMP certification program.

The PMP certification is globally recognized and highly appreciated by the huge and leading companies and organizations throughout the globe.

Steps to Apply for the PMP certification

There are many certifications that are limited to geography or language. But when it comes to the PMP certification, then it is one of those certifications which has no boundaries of geography and language. 

The PMP certified professionals are well educated and trained to speak all the common language to align the project with business goals. They have knowledge of various well know methodologies and frameworks. This is why they can adjust to any type of industry. 

They have the ability to change the challenges into opportunities. This sounds easy, but, genuinely, the job and responsibilities of a project manager are very critical and crucial. They are really very versatile and flexible and highly knowledgeable to handle, monitor, and manage project operations while they have the required decision-making skills, which helps them to come up with solutions for problems that may arise while working on a project.

According to the responsibilities mentioned above, the steps to apply for PMP certification are pretty distinct, strict, and discreet, and there are some eligibility criteria that are crafted by the PMI to permit an individual to apply for the PMP certification. 

The basic requirements to apply for the PMP certification:

  1. Aspiring individuals should have at least 3 or 5 years of experience in leading any project in their career, which should be completely unique.
  2. They must have spent 4,500 or 7,500 hours in pioneering any project.
  3. They should possess a four years degree; if not, then they must have a school diploma or second degree or any globally equivalent educational degree.

These are the steps and criteria that should be fulfilled by the aspirants to apply for the PMP certification.

When it comes to the doubt of whether or not choosing the PMP certification training, then here are ten relevant reasons that will support the advantages to opt for PMP certification training.

Ten relevant reasons to opt for PMP certification training

1. PMP Certification has a global reputation

PMP Certification is globally recognized, which means individuals with PMP certification can hunt for jobs all across the world. There are no boundaries of geography or industry when it comes to applying a job for a Project Management vacancy. While having this certification adds up to the better chances of getting hired by leading companies of any industry.

2. PMP Certification increases career scope

The PMP certification widens the horizon for the individuals who achieve this certification. These professionals get hired with a snap of a finger as Project Management is required by all sorts of industries irrespective of their size. So this automatically increases the career scope of an individual with PMP certification.

3. Certified PMP experts are better.

The PMP certification helps to validate an individual’s abilities, aptitude, knowledge, qualities, capabilities, and skills that are anticipated in a project manager by organizations. So having the PMP certification shows that an individual has all the required skills and capabilities to handle any project within an organization.

4. Adds value to the resume

This is true that the PMP certification adds up great value to a project manager’s resume. Such professionals will get better job opportunities and designations in comparison to the non-certified project managers.

5. Handsome hikes in salary

Not only better job opportunities, but the PMP certified professionals are claimed to earn more salary, and with every year passing, they get better incentives and increments regularly. It is recorded that PMP certified professionals get 35-40% more salary than non-certified professionals.

6. A plethora of job opportunities

As discussed above, the PMP certification helps an individual to get better job opportunities. In most cases, companies contact such professionals from their side to hire these certified professionals.

7. They work on bigger projects.

As they are globally recognized with their certification, they will always get huge projects to work on.

8. Better economic security

Here economic security describes the job security. The PMP certified professionals have the great in-depth knowledge required to manage any project. They won’t get laid off in any condition.

9. Flexible for all sorts of industries

Project management is the root cause of the success of all types of industries, and they always look for certified project managers. PMP project managers are able to work on all sorts of projects across different industries.

10. Impressive career investment

After understanding all the above benefits, one can easily get this clear that the investment to get PMP training certification is indeed beneficial for them, and the PMP certification will always provide them with fruitful opportunities and outcomes.

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