Tips for Purchasing Affordable and Healthy Fresh Produce

The high cost of food can often be attributed to why many people don’t choose to eat healthy; even more so when it involves a larger number of family members. However, you don’t need to break the bank just to eat healthily. Let’s find some tips to help you shop for affordable and healthy fresh produce.

Buy during growing seasons

Asparagus, corn, berries, and tomatoes usually cost less during their growing seasons, especially if they are locally grown. As a bonus, they also taste better. If you love products that store well and are for sale during their peak, capitalize on this and buy during their season. However, if you buy certain products like fruits and vegetables that can get spoiled easily, you can freeze them. Buying food products during off-season without plans to preserve them isn’t a good bargain.

Have a purpose

If you have already planned your recipes and meals for the week, go to the market with your list. Buy only what you require so you don’t waste money on unnecessary purchases. Saving money on grocery bills ensures you’re able to purchase higher-quality produce. You can also save money with grocery delivery apps. Remember to consider coupons when using delivery services.

Consider joining co-ops

Another great way to purchase healthy and affordable produce is to join a co-op or buying club. Members purchase foods or organic produce in bulk and then split the cost, which is an excellent way to get food for a lower price. You can opt to buy cereal or meat in bulk. If you aren’t a meat eater, consider other low-cost protein sources like beans. You can get a large variety of foods, and the focus is often on seasonal local produce. This helps you save money and time since the work will be done for you. 

Consider wholesale markets

You can get affordable and healthy foods at a distribution center or wholesale produce market. These are where some other markets and restaurants buy their produce. You can get some deals that cost half the price found in supermarkets. Consider going with family or friends when shopping in wholesale markets so you can split the cost.

Buy frozen vegetables and fruits

Frozen foods are economical, nutritious, and convenient. Consider buying several bags when frozen vegetables and fruits are on sale. You can also freeze fresh vegetables and fruits during their season for later use. They can sustain you for weeks when buying fresh produce might not fit your budget.

Purchase at different places

Supermarkets have deals on different produce items but usually sell other items to even out the cost. This lets you get a good deal on some products while overspending on others. However, shopping at different supermarkets lets you get various good deals. An excellent way to do this is to shop at about four places for good product deals.


You don’t need to hurt your wallet so you can eat nutritious and healthy foods. Following the above tips will ensure you get affordable and healthy fresh foods.

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