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Workplace privacy is very important for employers. Because when someone has invested so much in their business then I think no one wants to destroy their business due to their employees for any reason. So, they wish to have complete information about the employee’s activities in order to protect their privacy of the confidential stored information to the attached servers and as well as the in the computer devices.

On the other hand, cyber-attacks are very common on the large or small scale business organizations. So, no matter what employers want to protect their business privacy by keeping any foolish activity done by the employees such as touching any malicious link of received emails that can clean up the entire data.

However, dishonest and disgruntled employees can also get involved in something fishy on company’s owned MAC and windows devices. Therefore, employers have to have workplace privacy and employee monitoring software in order to protect the business to the fullest. TheOneSpy can provide employers cellphone and computer monitoring app that allow end user to spy on employees at workplace within the working hours.

How to get employee tracking software?

First and foremost you need to determine what kind of digital company’s owned devices want to monitor. In –case you are looking forward to spying on cell phones, gadgets of android and IOS and further you want to track windows and MAC laptops and desktop devices. Then you may require a subscription for multiple monitoring products of The One Spy cellphone and computer tracking app.

Once you have subscribed for multiple monitoring products. Then you will receive the credentials of multiple subscribed products on your single email address. Then you need to get access to the target devices back and forth and get started the installation processes. When you have done with all that, you need to activate cell phone and computer monitoring apps on the targeted devices.

Now you need to use the credentials one by one of all the subscribed products and get access to the online control panel. Then you need to visit the individual features of the cellphone computer surveillance software. Let’s discuss mobile phones and computer spying app.

Cellphone spy apps software features

You need to know about android & IOS monitoring features that are as follows.

Android tracking app features

Surround Monitoring

You can remotely get control over the target device MIC by using the MIC bug app and can listen to the surrounds. Further, you can get control over the front and back camera using spy vidcam bug and also capture images remotely using camera bug app of android spy software.

Call logs

You can record incoming and outgoing live calls on your target cellphone of Android by using the secret call recorder. However, you can save the recording over the internet.

Social media monitoring

The user can view the logs of the social media apps installed on the target android device. You can view the logs of chat conversations, text messages, audio, and video conversations, shared photos videos and Voice messages such as Facebook Voice messages and WhatsApp Voice calls.

GPS location tracker

The user can get to know the current and exact location of the target device with GPS location tracker. It empowers the users to get the location history and mark safe and restricted areas.

Android remote controller

Employers can remotely control the company’s owned android cellphones and gadgets if employees are using the devices for personal reasons. You can view installed apps, block the text messages and incoming calls and even you can block the internet access on the target device.

A non-jailbreak solution for iPhone features

The user can use it without installing the software on target iPhone tablet or pads. However, employers just need to have iCloud credentials that user need to put into the dashboards sync iCloud button. Then the user can get monitoring tools as bookmarks safari, browsing history, contacts, hardware permission, Kik messages, SMS chat list and last but not the least WhatsApp data.

Computer monitoring app for MAC & windows features

A user can use block websites of both MAC and windows tracking app. A further user can use windows tracking app tools such as user –friendly reports, on-demand screenshots, mighty alarms, real-time monitoring, and invisible mode tracking. However, the user can use MAC spy software’s camera bug, MIC bug, screenshots, key-logger, screen recording and as well as sync settings. However, you can create your own data back to retrieve all the data if accidentally you lost your company’s owned precious data.


Hence we can say that employee monitoring app for cellphones and computer powered by TheOneSpy is the complete package of employee monitoring tools. You can use it for the betterment of your business for the sake of workplace privacy and to get better productivity of employees.

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