Some of the Best Tools for Real Estate Photo Editing

Exhibition, white balance, shutter. If photography remains the gateway to any real estate ad, getting quality shots is not always easy when you’re not in the business. Selection of some simple and effective tools to sublimate your visuals at a lower cost.


The problem of lighting is a key factor in the success of real estate photography. It is therefore advisable to take a photograph in a dark room and then rebalance the lighting with the help of post-production tools. In this perspective, the use of a tool such as Lightroom is interesting. Much easier to use than Photoshop, Lightroom is a powerful software that offers an infinite number of features. 


Real estate image editing services do not always have big budgets to allocate to photo editing tools. Fortunately, there are free programs, which offer much less features than Photoshop or Lightroom, but they are no less useful. Among them, GIMPshop is certainly the most complete.

This tool not only manages the exposure, the curves to play on both the contrast and brightness level, saturation, color balance, but it also offers the advantage to support all file formats. If it does not reach a professional level, it is certainly the best performing free tool.

Photoshop and Photoshop Express Editor

Even today, Adobe’s software remains the market leader. A license that is not necessarily within the reach of all scholarships, with a subscription and features that are not always simple to master for the uninitiated. Good to know: Adobe Photoshop Express Editor is a free and simplified version of the famous image editor. If the tool has much less features than its predecessor, it is still very useful for the most basic adjustments.

Blurring of certain areas such as number plates or faces, or the erasing of small details, which are essential criteria to the success of any photo editing, Photoshop remains the most powerful real estate image editing tool on the market.

645 Pro

The rendering cannot today compete with that of a reflex which makes it possible to regulate the speed and the opening of the diaphragm, the time exposure and sensitivity. Without reaching the same level of perfection, an application such as 645 Pro can adjust some phone settings.

If we remain limited because of the size of the lens and the sensor, this application is interesting to adjust not only the brightness, the depth of field, but also the white balance and the format of the image.

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