Small Improvements That You Can Make to Your Kitchen with Big Benefits

There are some small changes that you can make to your kitchen that can provide some really big benefits. These benefits are not solely aesthetic but also have functional benefits for those using the kitchen on a regular basis.

Having a great-looking kitchen like the ones you see in magazines is all well and good, but the benefits of making a kitchen more user-friendly, practical, and easy to use should not be underestimated either.

#1 Under cupboard lighting

If you do not have under-cupboard lighting, you should seriously consider it. Most traditional lighting in a kitchen is solely from above, whether it is by single pendant or the more modern method of sunken spotlights.

Although these lighting techniques are, for the most part, adequate, having lighting above your countertops as well can provide you with much more precise light sources, reducing the amount of shadow and poor visibility.

#2 Instant hot water dispenser

Having an unlimited supply of instantly hot water without having to boil a kettle is also highly beneficial as well as time-saving. Of course, there are other benefits to having an instant hot water faucet in your kitchen other than making your favorite hot beverage.

It can provide you with a source of extremely hot water with which to rinse and sanitize surfaces, cutlery, and crockery without the use of harmful chemicals. Therefore, making your kitchen a far healthier place to cook for yourself and your family.

#3 Counter overlay

Installing a countertop overlay over your current worktop will be far cheaper than replacing the whole lot and provide your kitchen with a completely new look. Countertop overlays are available in a vast array of different materials including granite. This could make them easier to clean than your current countertop and highly durable too.

However, if you are thinking of going down this route, make sure you know how to care for your new countertop surface. Some surfaces are porous, and so require sealing after certain periods of time. Others are easily scratched and damaged. Knowing this information upfront could help steer you to the perfect countertop for your household. This is better than choosing something that looks good or is in high fashion but has a finish that you will not be able to sustain.

So, to wrap it all up

These small improvements are not just aesthetics but are also functional changes. They can provide you with a kitchen you are happier to use and proud of. Being able to see clearly what you are doing when you are using your countertops due to not having to work in your own shadow will make cooking easier and more enjoyable, as well as cutting down the risk of accidents when using sharp knives.

If you are purely looking for changes to make your kitchen look better, you can resort to a pot of paint or two. Give your cupboard door fronts and drawer fronts a make-over and finish off, of course, with new handles.

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