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With the ease of internet access and affordable data becoming an integral part of our lives, it is no surprise that life without the World Wide Web seems empty. With the internet today, we can bank, book tickets, watch shows, live stream events, and interact with loved ones living thousands of miles away. With the pros that the internet offers, there are also the cons, one of the biggest being a compromise on your online safety. Several giants have addressed this matter, but the technical jargon has made online safety a topic only understood by experts.

This is where TikTok steps into the picture. With an aim to boost creativity and spread joy amongst everyone, TikTok has also been vocal about its stance regarding online safety and has not only shared knowledge about the same but also inspired its users to create content on the importance of staying safe online, as well as the dangers of your online safety getting compromised.

A perfect example of TikTok getting its users involved in promoting online safety is the #WaitASecToReflect campaign. The goal of this campaign is to make the users reflect on the content before they post it and discourage them from uploading content that is harmful or negative. The campaign has been instrumental in increasing awareness among the digital population about safe and responsible use of TikTok. The campaign has earned approximately 830 million views as of now. TikTok has also collaborated with Cyber Peace Foundation, a global thinktank of cybersecurity and safety, to launch the #SafeHumSafeInternet campaign. The campaign was launched on Safer Internet Day earlier this year. As part of the campaign, TikTok launched in-app quizzes and stickers. There were several celebrities such as Neha Kakkar and Shirley Setia who took part in the campaign and uploaded videos encouraging users to be safe. The videos also have tips on how users can practice online safety.

In-app quizzes:

TikTok has also launched in-app safety quizzes in English and Hindi so that users understand online safety through an interactive session.

Safety features on the app:

TikTok has introduced a host of safety features to provide a better experience. These include:

  • Risk warning tag: Potentially dangerous videos are shown with a risk advisory.
  • Restricted mode: Parental control to filter out inappropriate content for young users.
  • Screen time management: Every user can set the screen limit to 40, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Once the time limit is over, the user will need to enter a password to access TikTok.
  • Age gate:  No user below 13 years is allowed on TikTok.
  • Filter comments: TikTok allows the users to choose up to 30 keywords that can be muted on the platform. Any content related to these topics is automatically filtered out.
  • TikTok Safety Centre: This helps to educate and empower our users with the right information, guidelines, and resources on online safety on TikTok.
  • TikTok also has an in-app suicide prevention page that offers tips and support.
  • The app has introduced enhanced privacy settings, in-app reporting as well as direct access to the app’s Community Guidelines. Any content that is in violation of the Community Guidelines is immediately taken off.
  • All videos uploaded are screened to identify objectionable content. To date, TikTok has removed over 6 million videos that have violated the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
  • Device Management: Users have the option of removing sessions or accounts from other devices within the TikTok app to better manage the safety of their accounts. This feature helps to prevent the misuse of the accounts.
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