Safety Guide Can Help You Avoid Accidents and Have a Safe Ride

Among the different types of vehicles used to commute. A two-wheeler is the fastest with its capability to traverse busy streets. In addition, the affordable price tag it carries is also one more reason why most individuals prefer a two-wheeler when compared to cars or public transport. However, the risk while riding a two-wheeler is higher when compared with other means of transport. About 37% of the road accidents in 2019 involved a two-wheeler as per a report published by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. Thus, it is essential to take safety seriously owing to its open constructions attracting a higher risk. 

For such reasons, it is imperative to buy bike insurance online that offers comprehensive coverage. For both the rider and pillion. A comprehensive bike insurance policy is the right option to ensure 360-degree coverage. But, apart from motor insurance, these safety tips can help avoid mishaps.

Riding at a Safe Speed

Traveling fast gives you a lower time to react to unexpected actions in your surroundings that may injure you. And be the reason for an accident. On the contrary, if you travel within speed limits at a manageable speed. You can be alert and aware to manage unexpected events. Dodging potholes or saving yourself from a speeding vehicle are some advantages when you ride slow. *

Stop and Look at Road Intersections

At an intersection, a direct collision with oncoming traffic is a common mishap. Since motorcycles occupy a lesser portion of the road as compared to four-wheelers. They are more frequently found colliding at intersecting junctions. So, while entering and leaving a roundabout or junction. Bear in mind to look in all directions for pedestrians as well as vehicles. *

Avoid Riding between a Parked Vehicle and an Active Traffic

In India, It is commonly seen that the left lane is occupied by 2 wheelers. Riding in this lane means maneuvering through parked vehicles and an active traffic lane. While it can be dangerous as a car’s door might open all of a sudden leaving you no time to brake and come to a halt. When driving in the last lane, a vehicle from the active traffic lane might pull over into a parking spot squeezing you in the process. Thus, make sure to avoid this lane. *

Wear Adequate Safety Gear

A report published by the World Health Organisation (WHO) states that over 42% of fatal injuries and 69% of injuries to the head can avoid with the use of helmets. Thus, appropriate safety gear is essential to save your life. Other than helmets, you must also consider buying appropriate jackets, riding boots, and riding pants as additional safety measures. *

Standard T&C Apply

While these are some safety tips to remember. And it would not be wise to miss out on a two-wheeler insurance renewal. It is essential to consistently renew it each period for financial coverage against accidents and damages while the above safety tips keep you safe. Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. View more details on features, benefits, what’s excluded, any limits, terms, or conditions, kindly refer to the policy wordings/sales brochure thoroughly before finalizing a sale.

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