Mp3paw – How To Access And Download Latest Songs?

Mp3paw is a website where you can download the latest and most popular songs. This site is, of course, free. It is one of the best sites, as it provides high-quality songs. If you are ready to fill your music list with your favorite songs, we are here to guide you on how to use this site to download free music and create your playlist.

Music in itself is powerful; it helps people overcome many of their problems, ease their pain, entertain themselves and use it in joyful moments. It plays a vital role in people’s lives who are depressed or trying to escape reality. You may listen to music wherever the mood takes you, whether it’s in your bedroom, on the road, in the gym, or really anywhere. It could enable you to unwind, have fun, and switch to another reality. Only music has the power to instantly lift your spirits.

A few years back, people listened to music on tape players, radios, walkmans, and many more devices. Now that new technologies have been discovered, individuals can listen to music on gadgets like smartphones, iPods, laptops, etc. You might not always have internet connectivity, so you’ll need to maintain some tracks downloaded on your device. Mp3paw can be a great option to do that.

What is MP3paw?

Mp3paw is a free music streaming and downloading site as you can download songs for free without buying a subscription as a premium member. You will need to search for the music you want because it lacks a song list like other song websites do.

The website only has the logo which resembles a paw, a search bar, and some latest songs listed with no menu, no genres, no sorting of music, no categories, and all. However, what it does have is the ability to stream and download songs for free. You can download songs in quality such as 190kbps and high-quality 320kbps.

How To Access Their Websites?

These are the simple step you can follow to access their website:

  • Firstly open your browser like google chrome, brave, firefox, etc.
  • Secondly, go to search and type mp3paw
  • Thirdly click on the first link. It should be their official website which usually is in the top.
  • Fourthly, the official website should open and it will include the top featured songs. You can even download them if you wish.

Is the website still working?

Yes it is still working, at the time we are writing this article and we believe it will keep on working because it’s a site where you can download songs for free (and who does not want free stuff). It will not stop as it provides old songs, most recent songs, or trending songs, although we believe that most of the songs listed on the site are pirated.

How To Download Songs?

For downloading free songs the steps are given below.

As we have already discussed how to access the website now we will directly see the steps on how to download

  • Type the name of the song you want to download and click go which is on the right-hand side
  • There a list of available songs will be available
  • Pick the song you want to stream or download.
  • You might get many versions of the same songs such as remixes, instrumentals, acoustic, etc.
  • To know which version you want click on play and listen once before downloading.
  • Now select the version you want and click on the download.
  • Pick the quality and your download should complete within a few seconds.

 What Are The Advantage?

     Its advantages are listed below:

  • The main advantage of this website is that it’s completely free.
  • It has a huge collection of songs and you will find even old songs on it
  • You do not need to download a separate app for downloading songs or listening to songs.
  • You can even download ringtones for free using the website

Is The Website Safe?

No, it is definitely not safe. When you visit the website you can check on the address bar it clearly says that it is not secure. It may also be because of the content it has as most of its songs are pirated.  We don’t recommend this website and only suggest you listen to songs using genuine sites such as Spotify, SoundCloud, prime music, etc.

What Are The Disadvantages?

As it is a well-known site for its good service it does not have many disadvantages. The only disadvantage it has is on every click a new tab opens with a website in it. And at times on clicks, it takes you to an unknown youtube video.  

 What Are The Alternatives?

There are many alternatives to mp3paw. We suggest you use genuine music streaming websites such as Spotify, Soundcloud, Prime Music, etc.

  • Spotify: Spotify is a Swedish music streaming where you can listen to songs for free but it’s not advertisement free. For listening to advertisement-free music you need to buy the premium.
  • Soundcloud: Soundcloud is an online music platform where you can upload, share and promote audio. You can obviously listen to music on it.
  • Prime Music: Most people have a prime account with Amazon and it does not come with shopping benefits. If you have a prime membership you download the prime music app and listen to over a million songs ad-free.


Mp3paw can be a great website to listen to and download music for free as you must have understood by reading this article. It has a huge collection of songs and you can access it all without having to buy any subscription. However, we believe that most of its content is pirated so only use this website if you absolutely have to. The website should be avoided if possible and we also recommend using genuine apps as it is not only safe but it also helps the artist to get revenue.

FAQ Section

1. What is mp3paw?

It is a music website where it allows you to stream online music and also download songs for free.

2. What is it famous for?

It is famous for its special ability to download music for free and in high quality.

3. Is the website free?

Yes, the websites and all of their features are completely free.

4. Should you use it?

If you are willing to take risks, you may use it. We recommend at least using a VPN. However,  The best thing you can do is subscribe to genuine music websites.

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