Mangastream: Its Trend, Features, Categories, & Alternatives

Since childhood, everyone must have read about comics or have their favourite comic character sketched in a notebook. Everyone eagerly read comics from their favorite comic book or in newspaper columns, but as the technology advanced, now even comics are also available in digital formats.  Mangastream is one of the most famous examples of this trend!

Today we will look at the mangastream, its features, and many more about these exciting comics! But before we come up to mangastream, let’s quickly look at the increasing trend of comics streaming.  

#The Trend of Streaming Old Comics

No matter how much the cartoon episodes and superhero movies have become famous, the comics’ popularity has never gone down. As a result, new versions of cartoon characters or superheroes come up with several new exciting episodes. Contemporary artists come with new creative ideas to help people relive their childhood but with a new twist in the comic characters.

The entertainment market is also known as the digital market, which has reached fathoms. Still, the demand for comics in a diversified platform has brought a new revolution and attracts a larger audience including kids and adults.

#What is Mangastream?

Manga is a Japanese term defined as comic or graphic novels. It is created and published in japan. So if you are thinking of continuing with your age-old habit of reading comics in your leisure time, you can again experience that but in a modified way. Mangastream is a popular forum that brings all manga stories at one place and is also the site that has been in business for a long time. Some French ads companies used to translate Japanese comics into different languages like English, French, Italian, and other languages. Initially manga was not popular in Japan, it gained international popularity since 1950’s. 

Manga comics cover a wide range of literary genres such as fiction, romance, science etc. All the genres are interesting; you can start reading on your favourite ones first.

The best part about it is that it serves all the readers as the contents are exclusively for readers of all ages. It doesn’t matter whether you have just taught this habit or have a liking for it since your childhood; you will get to read new plots with different perspectives every day in such a way that you would wish to read more.

#Website Features of Mangastream

1. User-friendly interface

An user-friendly interface is designed so that one can quickly go through the comics repeatedly without any interference. There would be no restriction of age, as it generally said that age is just a number to read your favourite comic book. It will also suggest your near and dear ones.

2. Filters and Search bars

Some diverse comics genres could confuse you if you forgot the last page you were reading. To avoid confusion, sound search bars and screens will help you choose the content of your choice.

Without wasting your time, you can select according to your requirements and experience uninterrupted service.  You can also make your search depending on the different genres and even for ease can read in the various languages for a better reading experience.

3. Unique Manga Contents

In a world full of digital technology, digital platforms are the best place to show your creativity. Creativity is endless and manga is one such format that brings creativity in huge amounts, it has something for everyone!

If you are occupied and wish to download it to save it for a later read, mangastream is the best place for you where you can download your favourite comics.

#Categories of Mangastream

To facilitate easy reading of manga comics, it was divided into different categories to directly pick up the section one is thinking of reading, instead of scrolling all the pages.

1. Genres-based Comics

Comics are usually a mixture of stories and graphics similar to movies. It includes comedy, drama, adult, action, and adventure.

2. Mangas based on popularity

According to the demand or the recommendation of the readers, manga comics were listed down.

In case you are a new reader who has heard about manga comics but have no idea about it, ratings will help you make your preference; then, you can refer to the most popular ones for happy reading.

3. Alphabetical directory

It is generally helpful if you had a preface or an index for a book similar alphabetical directory. It will also help you search for your manga depending on the alphabetical preferences, making your reading task easy.

4. Based on the latest release

If you are a hard-core manga lover, you will always wait for the next episode to release. The curiosity that remains within the reader is so high that the latest release search bar or the category is the most searched one as there happens to be a competition among the different websites and which site has the latest released contents.

#What is One-piece Mangastream?  

Among all the other manga’s one piece manga is the most popular one. Due to its significant demand among the readers, one-piece marks itself as one of most popular and thus demand one-piece is vast worldwide by making it one of the highest-grossing media franchises of all time.

Amongst the popular Japanese manga series, One Piece is written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. It is compiled into 97 volumes where the story folles of Monkey D. Luffy’s adventures, a boy who becomes a rubber man after eating  Devil Fruit. With his crew of pirates, named the Straw Hat Pirates, to become the next King of the Pirates, Luffy explores the Grand Line in search of the world’s ultimate treasure known as “One Piece.”

Due to excellent storytelling, art, characterization, and humor, One Piece has received a lot of praise, making it the best-selling manga series in history.

#What happened to Mangastream?

There is no official news regarding the shut down of the official Mangastream site, but it is no longer available to access anymore. There are two simple reasons why Mangastream went down-

• This site was shut down because of copyright violations. Most free manga sites offer scanned copies of the original manga, which comes under copyright violation. To promote the content’s legal reading, Mangastream decided to put a full stop to their services.

• It also meant to leverage services like MangaPlus grow, a site that puts out free content. They wanted the readers to read the content only from legal sources.

The most famous manga scanlation sites have gone off the internet as of now.

#Top 8 Alternatives to Mangastream

With the increase in the popularity of manga markets, many similar sites have come up. They are offering manga comics in different languages as well and attracting a larger group of audience.

The purpose of the alternative is basically to serve the use of the reader. If you are not allow to browse a particular website, you can read the same content from a different website. Though the materials might be other, the readers’ interest will serve the purpose, and the curiosity to read various articles will increase.  So here are some of the alternatives to it-

1. Manga Town

On this popular mangastream alternative, you can find manga content coming from various genres. No payment or initial registration required to access the site as it is free. It is one of the most browsed websites by people to binge on their favorite comic. The best part about the website is the website’s interface, which is user friendly and has a forum where you can address your complaints or demand for other mangas.

2. MangaPark

Manga Park has more than 50,000 manga available, including the latest ones published by Japanese publishers, allowing us to choose a genre to facilitate the search directly. It will enable you to create a user through Gmail to acquire first-rate information about the upcoming comics on the page by remembering your reading history. It offers an excellent user experience when reading manga online as the user interface is mobile devices friendly and makes things a lot easier and simpler for you. At  MangaPark, you are going to find a massive collection of manga that you’d be able to read here for free on mobile devices.

3. Mangareader

Though this site’s contents are also a scanlation, the stereotype look is unique, a fantastic similar to the mainstream. With the help of the “surprise me” button, you can select random manga comics. This can cause you problems if you are using it on your mobile phone, so prefer using a desktop or tablet for a good reading experience. It contains the advanced Search alternative that quickly sets a default genre and a specific order to speedily and Manga comic.  Manga reader is also available on the Google play store.

4. Comic walker

The name itself suggests the website’s purpose; if you want to keep yourself updated by all recent manga contents, this place will be the best to suit your taste and fulfill your requirement to read a different type of comics. Another reason why it prefers more is due to sound technical security.

5. KissManga

This has a collection of 1 00,000 mangas and considers as one of the largest manga platforms. Though all the contents are scans, you will get to read all the latest and the high-quality mangas. You will also receive notification from the site whenever the site has a new update, not to wait for more to read your favourite comic.

6. Manga Fox

The original website name is Mangafox. The updates are fast on the sites as the new manga series get available on the same day of its official release. Give a try to try the MangaFox app too! It will give you an amazing manga reading experience. The app is still not available on any official app platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

It covers a wide range of comic genres like science fiction, drama, romance, thriller, crime, etc. Its unique collection of comics has made it so popular among users irrespective of their age. The site provides good audio quality besides an extremely user-friendly interface and offers free services. You can download the content to read later in whichever format you like.

7. Manga Panda

When you go through manga panda, you will find a huge library of manga comic contents translated, which can also be download in whichever format you want to save. Contents of all genres can, and you can even access the mobile panda from your mobile phone with no troubleshooting problems. You can even choose to view the original comic Content without streaming the translated content. Still, the only disadvantage is that you have to come across different unnecessary ads that pop on automatically.

8. MangaDex

MangaDex not only provides a lot of mangas comics, but it also has different versions of each Manga.

Other versions include the colored version, the official crossover manga series and alternative fan fiction endings. MangaDex supports more than 20 different languages, including Italian, German, etc., language is never a problem for you. You can make your group or follow already available groups. It has famous mangas like Black Clover, Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, and much more manga series you would love to read.

#Mangastream on Stream

Reddit is a social news platform that allows users to discuss and vote on content that other users have submitted. Mangastream is still the hottest topic discuss on Reddit by a big audience out of the many who express their grief, and some are talking about the reason for its shutdown.


Mangastream has been providing their free services for almost a decade, with a promise of delivering high-quality comics for free. Still, no worries now with its top alternatives. You can download and read your favorite manga series in your leisure time.

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