Key Reasons Why Customers Aren’t Pleased with Your Shipping

In the swarming realm of electronic commerce, there is nothing more devastating for a burgeoning business than having unhappy customers. Surprisingly in some way, a very small percentage of angry or unhappy customers seem to have a more profound impact on your business than hundreds of satisfied customers.

Of course, there are several aspects of a business that needs to sate patrons (especially the product), there’s one area that can be improved with slight more understanding.   

Not only the advancement in technology has greatly increased the ability for SMBs to ship packages all around the globe, but it also has radically increased buyers’ expectations regarding shipping.

If you are struggling to expand your eyelash orders, wondering why so many online buyers leave the cart before checkout or often receive messages surrounding your poor shipping options, then here’s something interesting to read on.  

This piece will help you uncover the two key reasons why customers aren’t pleased with your shipping and what you can do about it.

Your Shipping is Dodgy and Slow

Owing to the ever-increasing competition, the expectations of online shoppers regarding shipping time have grown significantly. Those days are long gone when customers were willing to wait weeks for a product to arrive at their doorstep. Today, they expect their orders to arrive as quickly as possible.

Offering fast and reliable shipping can prove a real game-changer, especially when it comes to picky consumers, who want their eyelash packaging box on time. While it may not be possible for every small and medium business to provide same-daydelivery, you can certainly explore your options to have a fast shipping operation in place.

Although customers always prefer free shipping, most are ready to pay money for speed and ease. In general, it’s not only feasible but also necessary for small and mid-sized businesses to offer affordable two-day shipping to maintain and develop business while maintaining a positive brand image.    

The two-way delivery can be offered via ground shipping and air shipping. If the package needs to be shipped to a faraway destination, such as the US or Europe, then air shipping is the only option. On the other hand, ground shipping can be arranged for deliveries that need to be shipped to a nearby location.  

Products that are delivered via ground shipping are stored in warehouses or fulfillment centers. Consider researching various small parts storage ideas to maximize how many items you can store in one place.

To accomplish this task, integrate your online platform with the fulfillment center or warehouse’s technology. This will help you cognize whether a customer is located within the range of a warehouse with the necessary inventory or not,oncethe patron enters his or her zip code at the checkout. 

If the customer is within the range, then the two-day shipping rate will be shown to them. Else, the option won’t be provided.

By leveraging this system, you can offer affordable two-day shipping option to your false eyelash customers. This will boost your conversions without showing the option to buyers who reside outside the range. 

Free Shipping isn’t Your Forte

If free shipping isn’t your forte, it’s time to revisit your strategy. Let’s say if nine out of 10 people say they prefer online businesses that offer free shipping, it is something you must think about providing.

A high percentage of business owners is of the view that offering free shipping means taking a hit on their own proceeds. Sadly, that’s not the case in most instances. In fact, free shipping paves way for more and larger orders. 

An ideal way to trim your shipping cost and get in a position to offer free shipping, make sure to negotiate with various carries. In addition, get the perfect custom eyelash packaging from a reliable packaging partner like The Legacy Printing that is known for using lightweight and best protective material to ensure secure shipping.  

The ideally crafted eyelash packaging wholesale supply will perfectly fit your product without leaving additional space. This means you’ll be able to cut your packaging as well as transportation cost as your boxes will occupy less space during transportation. Besides this, you can also cut your shipping cost by booking freight online.   

However, if your small business cannot offer free shipping year-round, think about shipping products free of charge during certain seasons or on purchase of orders over a certain price. Running a limited-time free shipping offer is another way to attract new customers in the beginning.

This will convince the potential customers to try out your items as they know the deal will end soon. It’s a brilliant strategy that’s well-documented and shows buyers are keen to spend more than initially thought if they see theyare eligible for free shipping.

In contrast, it can be really debilitating to offer year-round free shipping right awayas it can greatly increase your cost. But if your business can afford to offer free shipping throughout the year, make sure you promote this fact boldly and clearly on the homepage of your website. Because at the end of the day you want to see the conversions.

Also, you need to ensure you are letting your audience know how much they can save by using free shipping. An ideal way to do this is by integrating an online shopping cart system that can automatically calculate the shipping fee. This will enable your customers to comprehend how much they are saving owing to your free shipping.

Final Thoughts        

Now you can see shipping is more than just moving your product from point A to point B (though it’s the obvious first step). The aforementioned tips can help you realign your business strategy and allow you to focus on one of the most important aspects: quick delivery and free shipping (even if you are offering it for specific periods and or orders over a certain amount). 

These two aspects can make or break your business as people who shop online give great weightage to these factors. 

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