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The most common type of cancer is diagnose in children between the age of 0 to 14. This disease provides a great impact on children’s brains and nervous systems. In the United State Of America Kai Knapp is known as a famous child who is also a victim of cancer. This disease heavily affected the child and she was also born with symptoms of cancer. Her father’s name was Ryan Philippe and her mother Alexis Knapp was a former partner of Ryan. Ryan Phillips and Alexis Knapp were very popular actors in the American movie Industry. Kai Knapp was born with cancer symptoms that make her life away from others. She was a 10 years old girl with unique blue eyes and blond hair color.

Therefore, Kai Knapp holds American nationality and practices Christianity. Moreover, Kai Knapp belongs to mixed ethnicity. According to astrology, she has a zodiac sign of cancer. So, the formal education of Kai Knapp is that she is in elementary school in her hometown.

Kai Knapp wiki

NameKailani Merizalde Knapp (Kai Knapp)
Age10 years old
FatherRyan Phillips
MotherAlexis Knapp
Height4 feet 3inches
Weight26 kg
Education statusFormal education in elementary school.
Physical statusshe was born with symptoms of cancer
Net worthShe is too young

Kai Knapp Personal life

Ryan Philippe was the father of Kai Knapp who was a well-known actor. She appeared in different films such as Flags of Our Fathers, Stop Loss, and last summer. Alexis Knapp was the mother of Kai Knapp. Her mother is also well known for her appearances in film series. Kai’s birth was unplanned because her parents had an untimely breakup.

Her mother had no idea about her pregnancy and she split up with Ryan.

Kai Knapp is too young and independent. She is not related to any work and she chose her career option. She is already famous to her parents.

Kai Knapp lifestyle

In the initial days, she hosted other internet videos and also made appearances in different movies like Olympians in Percy Jackson. Kai Knapp does not have fortune till now she is not involved in any profession.

Kai Knapp age

We already know that Kai was born in the United State on 1st July 2011. She was born with signs of cancer and that’s the reason the young lady spent her life away from the spotlight. She’s a 10years old girl with beautiful hair and eyes.

Body measurement

Kai Knapp’s mother keeps her daughter hidden from the public view. She is a very charming child and a lovely kid. However, she is growing to achieve the optimum weight and height. Now she has blonde hair and blue eyes. She has the highest of 4 feet 3 inches and a weight of 26 kg.

Knapp parent’s relationship

Alexis Knapp had a brief relationship with a model who was the shooter actor. This hooter actor became a father for the third time. On July 1 in the year 2011, the couple became parents with their first and only child.

 Kai Knapp‘s parents both are present at the time of birth and Kai was descended from French, English, Spanish and German ancestors. However, Ryan and Alexis had no intention of having a child. Both of them felt that their relationship was finished after a breakup. This information means that both were never married before the pregnancy.

Alexis divorced in November 2010 when she was pregnant, after a few months of their breakup. Alexis was working in the film when she was with a kid.

When Ryan knows about the pregnancy he prepares to accept the full responsibility of Alexis. The birth certificate was established unequivocally that Kai is the third child of Ryan.

Additionally, the birth certificate proves that Kai was the third child of Ryan.

So the entire name of Kai’s is stated as Kailni Merizalde Philippe Knap in the certificate.

Kai Knapp siblings

Kai has two half-siblings, one is Deacon Philippe and the other is Ava Philippe. Ava Philippe and Deacon Philippe are the descendants of her father (who is the children of Ryan’s ex-wife).

However many people follow that Ava and Deacon posted their pictures with their half-sister. Kai appears that Deacon and Ava are very close to her. Ava Elizabeth Philippe is 20 years and Deacon Reese Phillippe is 16 years old.

Kai Knapp in social media

Kai Knapp does not have any social media accounts. on the other hand, hundreds of photos and videos are strewn by the internet. Sometimes her mother often tweets about her antics. Social media observes that Kai was a vibrant girl and also observes her hilarious expression, and pranks. This observation implies that he follows her parents’ footsteps.

Kai Knapp is exclusively visible on the Instagram page through her mother’s private account. This account consists of a method to protect the tiny beauty from social media.

However, She has a wonderful relationship with her mother and they also engage with social media. They had an amazing mother-daughter bonding.

Kai Knapp career

The young Kai Knapp does not launch her profession, for that reason, she is still a child and wants to enjoy her childhood. Her parents established them in the film business.

She also follows in her mother’s footsteps and she wants to make her on-screen debut one day.

Kai Knapp moving towards private and romantic life. She is not married. She provides overall information in the internet domain. Kai is presently homeschooled and has not ever seen the inside of a school.

Kai Knapp Net Worth

Moreover, Kai Knapp belongs to a healthy household. She is currently not earning any money and she wants to access everything in her future.


Q: Where Kai Knapp was born?

Ans: She was born in the United States of America.

Q: When Kai Knapp was born?

Ans: She was born on July 1, 2011.

Q: What is the age of Kai Knapp?

Ans: She is 10 years old.

Q: What about Kai Knapp’s hair and eyes?

Ans: She has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Q: If she has an Instagram account?

Ans: No, she uses her mother’s accounts.

Q: How is the relationship of Kai Knapp With her mother?

Ans: She has an exceptional relationship with her mother.

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