Jason Capital: Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Family & Facts

Jason Capital: Wiki, Net Worth, Career, Family & Facts

Random use of social media platforms makes people eager for every fact. Staying at home people love to make gossiping about trendy things. The trend starts on various matters like singing, dancing, comments, and new faces with talent. If anyone gone viral overnight people want to know every small detail about that media sensation celebrity. Today in this post we unfold the life history of Mr. Jason Capital, who is now the most searched and media sensation handsome guy. People search about all the small details of this man. So, without delay let’s explore the life facts of this guy.

Who is Jason Capital?

Jason Capital is an American businessman and renowned author. He gained popularity with his chairman of Capital Research International.  He has huge followers on the YouTube channel. The young man also writes several books on various topics.

In other words, we can say that he is the former dating guru and one of the honest dating coaches who belong to America. This person helped many people to meet with their romantic partners. Mainly, he provides relationship tips videos on his YouTube channel. Besides also share self-improvement tips and helps men to get their dream lovers.

Jason the chairperson and founder of Capital Research International recognized as a top 100 entrepreneur by the former American President Barack Obama

Jason Capital Wiki & Biography:

Jason Capital was born on 11 June 1988 in Detroit, Michigan, USA. In 2021 his age is 33 and has Scorpio Zodiac sign and has American nationality. He celebrates his birthday on 11th June every year. The other family members like parents, sister, and brother names are unknown to us as he never disclosed anything about his family.

 Mr. Capital is very successful in some fields like as a YouTuber, social media celebrity, business person, and as dating coach.

Actually, the real name of Jason is “Alex Maroko” that he shared on social sites. He is also famous as “America’s Honest Dating Coach”. Alex Maroko had a strong passion for basketball and he was practiced hard for this game. He grew up with a passion for this game. In his schooling time, he was selected for the school basketball team.

At school time, he was quite famous among the girls for his dashing looks and attractive personality. We are unable to provide strong information about Jason’s early life and educational qualification for lack of proper information.

Height & Weight:

To carry a strong personality and become a famed person height and weight both matter effectively. The decent height of Jason is 6 feet 1 inch and their weight is 85 kg. He has attractive brown eyes and natural black hair. With a fit body and handsome look he easily attracts girls to fall in love with him.


If we want to know what does Jason Capital do then we must need to know the career background. For lack of educational qualification information, we are unable to provide those. Previously, Jason worked to motivate young men to become successful to get their partner. He also taught them how to deal with a woman. From 2010 he started an online dating coach after completing his schooling.

At the age of 20 years old, Jason started to make $20000 per month with a laptop just sharing tips with others. He is the owner of the dating site jasoncapitaldating.com where he wrote few audiobooks to help men. According to data, Jason has helped over 177,000 men’s life and changed their lifestyles with motivational tips. 

Jason Capital Net Worth:

Jason Capital earns an impressive amount of money from his successful career. In addition, by the former president of America, Jason was recognized as to the 100 business people in America. Jason Capital net worth expanded as he began his career as a Dating Coach and Motivational Speaker. He also earns a good amount as a good motive writer. The young man is a self-made millionaire, who worked hard from a young age.

Jason hasn’t any strong or rich background that helps him to become a famed and rich person. The assets that he has, only self-made by Jason.  According to a 2019 source, Jason Capital net worth is about $2 million. The income sources are mainly from social media platforms. Below are some social media platforms that Jason used to earn money:


Jason has 2.6 million followers on Instagram. On his Instagram account putting any product review, he earns massive income. He always engaged with his followers and guides them with motivational tips there.


At present time YouTube is one of the best income sources of many people. Jason is also not behind to take advantage of social platforms. He started his YouTube channel in 2014 and share videos to motivate young men. After that, he gets positive responses from the people. And that encouraged him to make more successful videos. His most-watched video gets 700,000 views from the users. This video was entitled “6 Secrets To Attract Women Like Hank Moody – The Flirting Master”.

Email Income Experts:

Jason teaches online courses and for that, he got payment from his learners. On various topics, he teaches through email marketing and arranges weekly seminars where he presents different types of skills. This is one of his main income sources.

 Jason Capital’s Girlfriend:

The fans of this young guy are always showing curious about his personal life. They want to know who his current girlfriend is, with whom he is dating when he will marry his girlfriend, etc. Let you know that Jason is not married yet. He is dating his long-time girlfriend Nataly Biscay. Jason always avoids disclosing his personal and relationship-related information. But on social media like Instagram, he shares a couple of pictures with his girlfriend.

Recently Jason’s girlfriend also share a picture on Instagram mentioning that they are spending quality time with each other in Monkey Forest, Indonesia.

 Some Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What is Jason Capital real name?

– Jason Capital’s real name is Alex Maroko. He used his real name on his YouTube channel when sharing basketball training.

Q. How did Jason Capital get rich?

-With new ideas, Jason was able to make his first $20000 at the very young age of 20 by selling courses online. He left his mother’s shelter and start a new chapter of his life to do something new. Of course behind his success, hard work is the main reason.

Q. What business does Jason Capital own?

-He is the founder and CEO of Capital Research International.

Q. What is Jason Capital selling?

Jason Capital is the best-selling author of Higher Status and affectionately known as “America’s High-Income Expert.”

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