Introducing the New Digital Analytical Balance and Precision Balances From Ohaus?

Laboratory balances are known for high levels of accuracy as well as precision in analytical testing along with the quantitative analysis they are utilized in a variety of applications.

OHAUS analytical balances

OHAUS analytical balances are appropriate for those looking to measure small masses. These balances may also be referred to as lab balances as well as may measure in the less than milligram range.

OHAUS analytical balances can be calibrated, delivered with calibration weights or purchased with an optional windscreen designed of plastic as well as our analytical balances support diverse functions as for example the automatic adjustment of weight as well as piece counting.

Calibration adjustments are required to compensate for gravitational as well as barometric differences. Basic or economy analytical balances may be calibrated outwardly as well as require the buying of optional calibration weight. Several analytical balance series also provide more expensive models with built-in motorized internal calibration.

Analytical Balance

Ohaus Analytical Balance offers accuracy as well as repeatability in necessary weighing applications in laboratory, industrial as well as educational settings, Analytical Balances deliver competitive performance at an affordable price.

Innovative balances have built-in calibration weights to sustain accuracy. Older balances should be calibrated cyclically with a standard weight. Before weighing anything on the analytical balance, you should ensure that it is levelled as well as zeroed.

The OHAUS Pioneer Series of analytical balances are developed for basic routine weighing in a variety of laboratory work; we are offering wonderful Analytical Balance. With the correct combination of performance as well as quality, we offer uncomplicated performance for entire your basic weighing needs. To discuss the ease of cleaning requirement often expressed by routine users, the draft shield has been developed with simple to eliminate doors as well as panels. With the right combination of performance as well as features, we offer uncomplicated performance for entire your basic weighing requirements.

OHAUS Precision Balances

A large colour touch screen offers access to the advanced application modes as well as icon-driven application software features including a library, user manager, as well as minimum weight indication.

Different precision balances offer different weighing ranges as well as levels of accuracy. While selecting a precision balance, be certain to consider the expected weight of the object to be measured, including make sure the precision balance you choose upon has a maximum weighing capacity slightly above your needs.

OHAUS Precision Balances are developed for a variety of necessary weighing applications, the Navigator provides accuracy and repeatability at a competitive price point, giving it a valuable tool in laboratory, industrial as well as educational settings. The Precision Balances is helpful to accurately stabilize in less than one second to offer fast and reliable weighing results, increasing operator efficiency, productivity and throughput.

In addition, different precision balances have different functions such as full-range tare, part counting and drying programs. Consider the needs of your application as well as whether any added functionality would be helpful to your process.

Semi-Micro is the ideal product for those needing as little as 0.01mg readability, up to 220g. Whether you want to weigh items each day or need vital precision for once-off weighing, OHAUS has a wide range of balances to suit.

Precision Balances

Precision balances characteristically display results from three to one decimal places (0.001 g up to 0.1 g). The readability precision balances are reduced while compared to analytical balances. However, precision balances contain superior capacities (up to several kilograms).

Speedy stabilization, as well as trustworthy operation, are enhanced by the option to allow solid weighing administration and precise, repeatable results for standard laboratory applications. In an electronic top pan or Toploader balances, mass is determined not by mechanical deflection; however, by electronically controlled compensation of an electric force. The signal generated allows the mass to be read from a digital display. The mass of the empty container may be stored in the ‘balance’s computer memory as well as routinely deducted from the mass of the container plus its contents.

An overload protection system which may withstand loads up to four times the rated ability safeguards the balance. A combined shipping lock protects the weighing cell during transport/storage. The touch less sensor frees up your hands for treating samples. Users may zero, print, tare or change functions without touching the balance, staying sample residue off the keypad.

We are prominent manufacturers of Electronic Analytical Balances And Precision Balances

We are prominent manufacturers as well as suppliers of Electronic Analytical Balances and Precision Balances. Many analytical balances come with the mains adaptor.

These Balances are reachable in several types as well as specifications to meet the requirements of a wide range of applications in Research as well as Laboratories.

Precision Balances are equipped with a colour touchscreen display that enhances the user experience. In addition, touchless sensors, automatic draftshield doors as well as ionizer allow the integrity of results.


Introducing the New digital analytical balance as well as Precision Balances From Ohaus? OHAUS analytical and precision balances are suitable for those looking to determine small masses.

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