How to Take Care of Your Elderly Mother

Mother is such a beautiful term. It is synonymous with love, warmth, compassion, tenderness, attachment, and everything positive and happy.

Seeing parents age is a difficult thing for every child. And with age comes health complications. It becomes important to take proper care of your mother or father.

There was a time when your mother took great care of you and ensured there was no lack in terms of love and support from her end. Now, it’s your turn to do the same. It’s time for you to shower the same love and care upon your elderly mother.

Do you often question yourself that how should you take care of your elderly mother? How to take care of the needs of your elderly mother? Well, it’s not very tough.

Let’s discuss the same in the following pointers:

·        Make her socially active:

Being at home while you are away at work can make your mother feel irrelevant and lonely. It becomes important to ensure they have social contacts so that they stay connected and the feeling of loneliness doesn’t creep inside them. There are many community organizations and clubs especially for senior citizens. Encourage your mother to get involved in the same.

·        Don’t stop her from working or helping with house chores:

While you might not want your elderly mother to help you with your household chores and other tasks, it is important to let them do it. While aging makes regular tasks also difficult to manage but doing them helps them to stay fit and active. So next time if your mother wants to cook for you or set your wardrobe, do not stop her.

·        Make sure to call her while you’re away:

It’s important for you to make your elderly mother feel that she is an important part of her life. So while you’re off to work, calling her once or twice a day will only bring a smile upon her face. And trust us, nothing feels better than seeing that wide smile on your elderly mother’s face.

·        Try to be her friend/confidante:

You very well understand that you are all that your mother has. Try to be her friend or confidante. Ask her if there’s something troubling her. Convince her that you are there for her and she can share everything with you without even giving a thought.

·        Keep a check on her health:

There are several health complications that one may encounter with ageing. So while you may think your elderly mother is fit and healthy, there might be something that might be affecting her from inside. Please ensure that you get her medically checked on a regular basis.

While we know you will always be there for your elderly mother and leave no stone unturned in ensuring her well-being, the role of a caretaker can be taxing.

The role of a caretaker can be challenging and full of struggles. One might face many hurdles, especially when you’re not around your elder and still want to ensure they remain fine.

In such a situation, it is always wise to look at the options of home care or nursing care services at home.

What is home care?

When you hire professional support services that enable a person to live safely in their home, it is known as home care services. Services such as assistance with activities of daily living (ADL), chronic care management, and nursing care for a disability, illness or disease, therapy, etc. come under the ambit of home care services.

What Are Nursing Care Services at Home?

A nurse is a professional who takes care of the medical needs of a patient. So while a home attendant takes care of daily chores and assisted living needs, a nurse is the one who provides medical care to a patient. These services may range from providing medications to changing tubes to putting an injection. In short, those things which need medical expertise are taken care of by a nurse. By nursing care services at home, it is meant that when such emergency medical services care is provided by a nurse in the home of the patient.

Emoha’s Smart Home Care Plan has been designed in a way that it is able to provide a higher degree of personal care to elders. We are positioned to provide home attendant services and nursing care services at home to elders having requirements of clinical support and personal care.

So, if you feel you these services can enable you in taking better care of your elderly mother, please reach out to us on 1800-123-44-5555 and we will ensure we provide you the best of home care services and nursing care services at home to your elderly mother.

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