How to Run Campaigns With CPA in Adwords

If you are interested in knowing how to get the most out of campaigns with CPA (Cost Per Acquisition or Conversion) in Adwords, If you are one of those who want to use the CPA strategy in Adwords to achieve your goals , SkWebDesigingSolutions; the leading logo designing company will discuss its advantages. But the first and fundamental thing is to explain what the CPA really is.

The CPA is a bidding system that determines how much we invest for each conversion made. This would be its most general sense, but in Adwords , the CPA does not mean that we are going to pay a certain amount for each conversion , but that amount is the maximum that we are willing to invest to achieve conversions.

What is the CPA in the Google Adwords campaigns?

The CPA is a bidding system that modifies the amount of the same to get the highest number of conversions for the amount that we establish . It supposes the average cost that is willing to pay for each conversion, but it can not be too low, because we will not obtain any result, nor too high, since it would suppose us an unnecessary expense in our Adwords campaign.

To start a campaign with CPA in Adwords it is necessary that there is a history of conversions by which Google can establish parameters with which to start automatic bidding.

With this system, the conversion optimizer will increase or decrease your bid based on the conversion probabilities you estimate. That’s why in many campaigns you bet on the CPA , because the optimization time of the campaign is much lower.

It is advisable to start working with a conversion list close to 100 in the last 30 days so that Adwords has enough data to start establishing bids.


Recommendations for your Adwords campaign

The implementation of a CPA campaign in Adwords involves starting with the CPA advised by the system, later, when the campaign is stabilized, to raise or lower the CPA manually to optimize your campaign and your results.

Although, we must be careful with this optimization because the budget reduction in these bids , can lead to a decrease in conversions. Using the conversion optimizer with existing campaigns will provide more information to the system when bidding.

Comparing the results obtained with the CPA campaigns in Adwords and with the conversion optimizer before and after this first automated bid is the first step to see if your investment is working.

At any time you can turn off the conversion optimizer and the campaign will revert to the previously established cost . The use of this conversion optimizer is not advisable in electronic stores since it does not take into account the conversion value, so it is not as interesting to convert a smaller quantity than a larger one. In this case it is recommended to carry out other applied techniques for ecommerce .

As always, the practice is the best ally to see what can work better on our website. You can dare yourself or put yourself in the hands of experts in Adwords management. You decide, but you have to inform yourself well beforehand, to ensure that your investment is not lost.

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