How to make your business more collaborative

Collaboration, teamwork, and togethernesses are all factors that can raise employee satisfaction while inspiring and nurturing innovation.

Many businesses strive to make collaboration a priority, but it is not always the easiest concept to develop, particularly when dealing with a remote workforce.

A collaborative business may also pertain to its ability to create and maintain healthy working relationships with other companies. 

It is certainly possible to achieve, so if you happen to look for new ways to promote collaboration throughout your business, here are some tips and techniques you might find highly beneficial.

Hot desking

To avoid employees forming cliques, or to increase the rate at which departments interact with each other, it might be worth introducing a system of hot desking.

This is a rotating desk system in which permanently assigned desks are put aside in favor of a more flexible approach. This is a great way to encourage collaboration, open up space, and promote the value of conversation between co-workers.

You might want to check out for a fantastic example of how to properly utilize hot desking, as their services can allow you to share space with a host of other like-minded companies and individuals alike.

Implement Collaboration Software

If any of your staff members are still working remotely, or even if you simply want to save people time on running around the office unnecessarily, implementing some collaboration software might be a good idea.

This can allow your employees to interact with one another across a virtual platform, edit documents in real-time, and quickly transfer important documents in one centralized location from wherever in the world they happen be.

Reach Out

Reaching out directly to other professionals on platforms like LinkedIn, Bark or Jobcase can be a good way to raise awareness among your peers.

By aiming to network with other companies and individuals on a fairly regular basis, you can start to craft your brand in the public eye as one that embraces collaborative efforts between businesses.

Write Guest Posts

If you enjoy the work of a particular publication or feel as though you have something to say that would fit nicely on another company’s website, why not get writing?

Guest posting is a good way to increase collaboration efforts throughout your business, while hopefully getting your brand name some decent exposure in the meantime. Plus, it gives you a chance to show off your specialist knowledge, which can be great for the company.

Host an Event

The mere mention of a networking event does not have to inspire dread, as they can be made extremely fun, provided you put the effort in.

No longer should a networking event be confined to a fusty debacle in a drab conference hall, so why not try something a bit different to ensure others remember your company?

For example, you might want to think about hosting a quiz night, a disco, a karaoke evening, or even just hiring a giant bouncy castle.

Conversely, if you felt like keeping it small, you could always keep your calendar free for a one-on-one coffee meeting should someone want it.

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