How to Make Wedding Bouquets With Fresh Flowers

When you are out to buy a wedding bouquet, you can take help from some of the experts in the field. But one thing for sure is that you will need to spend a significant amount for that service. On the other hand, with a little time and effort, a DIY wedding bouquet is not at all difficult to make. By giving that effort, not only will you handcraft your design but you will also able to save a lot of money.

If you are in doubt about how to make a wedding bouquet, we are going to provide some simple bridal bouquet ideas and concepts along with a few tips and tricks that will help you out. Before we go into the designs and ideas, here are a few important tips, including how to keep flowers fresh longer, that you need to know before starting your work.

Caring and arranging for flowers

  • A wedding bouquet should always look fresh and gorgeous, and so flowers of the best quality are needed. Seasonal flowers are always available in freshest forms, and they are also less costly that off-season flowers.
  • Before deciding on where to buy fresh flowers near me, know that it is always prudent to place an order for the flowers at least two months in advance with a florist. Also, order around 15-20% more than your need to make up for any flowers which might get damaged during the process.
  • Once you bring in the flowers, re-cut the stems with something sharp and place them in a bucket of water which is at room temperature. If you are wondering about what keeps flowers fresh, know that the right storage temperature is one important factor for that. Put the flowers in a cool and dark space to store them for a day or two.
  • Before working on the bouquet, spend some time to understand the basics of the arrangement of the flowers. Check each flower for quality to make sure that you pick only the best for the DIY bridal bouquet.

The type of bouquet

  • A romantic bouquet is a very good choice for weddings. A red rose wedding bouquet is eye-catching and glamorous with its beauty. Along with roses, flowers like hydrangea and ranunculus can be used to craft this piece.

  • A wildflower bouquet is also a good choice and can be used to bring a unique touch in the wedding look. It can be crafted with sunflowers, veronicas, zinnias and thistles to bring a touch of the outdoors into the design.

  • Another option is to design a garden flower bouquet with an organic touch. For this design, you can use multiple colours of flowers like peony, carnation, lisianthus, along with some greenery like eucalyptus leaves.

Special touches to embellish the bouquet can always be arranged by using various decorative items. You can use colourful ribbons, buttons or satin bows to add the finishing touch to the bouquet you have crafted.

Making the bouquet

Before starting on the bouquet form a basic idea through some research about the various types of bouquets and how they look. To start with the bouquet, you will need the items which are listed below.

  • Flowers that you have chosen.
  • A bucket for the flowers and water
  • Good quality shears or scissors.
  • Floral tape.
  • Floral pins.
  • Decorative items like ribbons etc.

The first step towards starting on the bouquet is finding a large workspace. A kitchen counter or an outdoor environment under shade can be good choices for that. Once you have chosen the workplace here are the steps for crafting the DIY bridal bouquet.

  • Remove the foliage from the flowers and the thorns from the roses. It is best that you cut the stems of all flowers to the same length.
  • Create an image of the bouquet in your mind and decide on the colour of the focal point.
  • Use 3-4 flowers to form the base of the bouquet and wrap them up with floral tape. Leave 3-4 inches of exposed stem at the bottom.
  • Based on the image you have created, add flowers around the base in a uniform pattern. There is no fixed rule about how many flowers are in a bouquet, but make sure that you do not make it too large or too flashy.
  • You can mix the colours and the type of flowers to keep the look fresh. Always use the tape to wrap the flowers so that they get fixed firmly.
  • Once the arrangement is made, start wrapping the base with the ribbons of the right colour to cover the tape. Use the pins to secure the ribbon and leave some amount of stem exposed at the bottom as per your choice. You can add other decorative items as you need.

Your DIY wedding bouquet is complete and ready to make the wedding more colourful.

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