How to Make Display Boxes in the Wood Shop like Soap Molds

Displaying things is a useful way to attract customers towards your merchandises. Especially when it comes to retailing businesses, unique and sturdy displays make it easy for retailers to fascinate their customers and increase their sales and profitability. Self-designed display boxes are a cost-efficient and long-lasting solution. In the woodshops where wood is abundantly available, it is easy to make boxes like soap molds to display products in a different way to attract more and more customers.

Importance of display packages:

Working in the retail industry, you can realize the importance of exhibition boxes. Presentation containers matter a lot as the utmost buying choices are made in stores based on their look and product presentation.  Retailing people must know the significance of exhibition packing. As it not only retains the product’s safety but also plays a key role in publicizing. They attract more consumers than traditional selling strategies.  Researches show that 70% of consumers like to buy an artifact just for the reason that it is packaged and displayed uniquely. So the significance of these containers can not be denied. When it comes to making these outstanding packages from wooden materials, they become more elegant, unique, and durable for every sort of retailing item.

Steps for Making Wooden Exhibit Boxes:

There are certain steps that can make it easy for you to develop an outstanding display solution for your products. At the woodshop, it becomes further easier to prepare them as most of the required tools and ingredients are easily available there. Consider the following steps to develop the desired packaging solution.

Collecting Required Elements:

For making wooden display counter or box we will need to have 5 pieces 2-by-16-by- 12 pieces 2-by-3 3/8-by-1/2-inch birch plywood, 1 piece 17-by-16-by-1/4-inch birch plywood, 1-inch brads, carpenter’s square, and wood glue. All these elements can be availed with ease from the wood shops. Many decorative elements can also be added in order to make them more elegant and fancy.

Marking and Outlining:

First of all, we have to place two of the 16-inch sections side by side. Then, we will make a mark of ½-inch from on both sides of wood pieces. From the inside of those symbols, we have to create a mark at 3 3/8-inches and then another mark at ½-inch away from that one. Now, we will repeat this procedure until we have four equally spaced pieces that extent 3 3/8-inch. After making the desired size of wood pieces, we have to place the carpenter’s square on the inscriptions and draw outlines across the two pieces to specify that where the shelves will go. Afterward, lay the other two 16-inch fragments side by side and spot where you choose the 12 pieces that measure 3 3/8-inches will go in.

Applying glue:

Spread over the glue inside the ½-inch marks on one of the two 16-inches pieces and locked one of the 16-inch pieces to it with the 1-inch brads. We will repeat this step multiple times until you have a box that measures 17-by-16-inches in length and width respectively. Again put on the glue to the trimmings of the leftover 16-inch pieces and secure them on the outlines that we drew in previous steps. Then, apply adhesive to all the ends of the timber that will be the posterior of the stilted display case. Now place this 17-by-16-by-1/4-inch plywood on that side of the case, and attach it to the shelves with the help of 1-inch brads. Apply glue to three sides of each divider and place them according to your outline. Your wooden display package is ready. Now just let it dry for a night so all the adhesives can make this sturdier and strongly connected.

Some Points to Consider:

1. All the time use safety glasses to avoid eye interaction with chemicals.

2. If the partitions do not fit comfortably, we may need to use a hold to grip them in place while the glue dries overnight.

3. Polishing the parts before you put the presentation case composed will help the coating course go a slightly smoother.

4. Do not put on textures in an airless area.


In answer to the question that how can we develop display boxes in the wood shop like soap molds, the following described steps and actions will make it easy to manufacture the desired type of display packages according to your retailing needs. It is a known factor that wooden boxes are sturdier than any other kind of packaging and using these containers can help retailers to utilize them for a long time period. The boxes like soap molds and other exhibit solutions that are made of wood can serve very efficiently. Keeping the above suggestions and steps in mind will help you to develop your desired packaging and display solution. It has been observed that retailers like long term solutions for displaying products and keep them protected from loss and breakage, and they are fully capable to maximize their protection level.

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