How Social Media Management Tool Can Help With Social Media Tasks And Reporting

A lot of businesses find the use of social media marketing to be a time-consuming process. It takes up a lot of time to create as well as maintain an online presence of the brand. There are several social media platforms available in the market that is being used by billions of people daily. With this tool, it becomes possible to maintain all your social media accounts flawlessly and with great ease.

However, a single mistake performed on any of these platforms can cost you a hard time and a lot of money. That is when you need a social media management tool. This tool helps you examine the performance of online activities that have been performed during a specific period of time.

Saves you Valuable Time by Performing Posts Scheduling

Management of the online reputation and presence of a brand is very difficult as compared to creating it. It is needed to continuously create engagement with users via posts that will keep them in the loyalty circle for a longer time.

Best social media management publishing tools such as ContentCal help you plan your content ahead and schedule posts at a single time. With this tool, you can even schedule your bulk posts and modify them whenever you wish before publishing it for the final time.

A large chunk of digital marketing agency uses this tool to schedule posts for business holidays or weekends so that their presence on social media remains active.

Allows you to Publish your Posts on Various Social Media Networks at once

With a social media management tool, you can manage all the different social media platforms via a single social media tool. This sturdy management tool has got a social publishing unit that is loaded with several interesting features.

This saves a lot of effort and time of going to each and every account as well as share a social media post. With our social media management platform you can:

  • Schedule bulk or individual posts.
  • Start compelling social media campaigns.
  • Form drafts.
  • Modify scheduled posts.
  • Define roles.

What are features offered by companies that offer social media management tools?

Beautiful and simple Social Media Software

ContentCal provides an intuitive and familiar way to plan, post and analyze, managing all your social media content in one content calendar and is also very affordable, saving you hours of time.

Plan and Publish

This tool allows you to automatically publish your social media content whenever and on whichever social media network you wish. All you need is to create content and ContentCal with do all the rest of the scheduling work.

Define permissions for users with Creator and Approver roles

The built-in approval makes sure that the content does not go live until it has been approved and vetted by all the relevant people.


Social media management tool is indeed a powerful social media tool that assists in the effective management of social presence easily and forms insights-driven decision than the ones driven by data alone. Social media management tool makes sure that you effectively manage all the accounts on various social media platforms using a single tool.

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