How Do People Make Misconceptions About The Mountain Bikers?

Mountain biking is not something that everyone enjoys with the same level of exposure that is needed with the Scott Bikes. The world is still unaware of the biking skills and the things you can do as a mountain bikers. This sport is extremely thrilling for the people who are looking for something adventurous in their lives. If you are searching for mountains and riding then this sport is perfect for you. Sort out your mind, and buy a new bike after checking out the  Scott mountain bikes prices.

When you tell the general population that you are a mountain biker, this is what will go through their heads-

A dirt biker-

Most of the people will think you like dirt biking and you choose to pedal up the mountains to get dirty, however, you already know, that’s not the case. This is one of the greatest misconceptions about the bike riders.

A total nutcase-

Most of them will think that you are a total nutcase. People will think you are not a biker but a nutcase who likes to ride mountain bikes in the dirt. Don’t bother yourself with such comments.

A reckless human being-

Once you tell someone that you are a mountain biker, they will think you are bloody reckless. Because people think mountain biking is a careless adventure for the thrill junkies with no offroad helmets and a dull knife.  However, it is the opposite. It is full of spare parts, hydration tablets, first aid kit and a GPS to tell you the right directions.

A big dude who says dude a lot-

Mountain bikers are perceived to say ‘ Dude’ a lot, even if that might not be the case. It is presumed that they are big dudes who keep on saying dude a lot. However, this is a pretty big misconception.

Women and a biker doesn’t go well-

One of the worst things in our society is if you are a biker and a woman, you will be made fun of. However, this is only a misconception, because there is a part of section in a society where women mountain bikers are growing rapidly in the industry without any signs of slowing down.

You race throughout the biking time-

This is one of the famous misconceptions about bikers. If you are a mountain biker, they will say that you drive crazy as shit. The truth is every mountain biker knows his/her limits. Nobody goes off the limits if they are not ready for it. Most of the times, people misconceive the bikers as racy and crazy.

The bikers destroy all the trails-

Whenever you tell someone that you are a biker, they will say that you destroy all the trails. The major part is always maintaining, improving and advocating the trails while you are on biking. It is a huge misconception that bikers don’t follow the trails, they don’t follow the rules.

These were some of the misconceptions that people have about bikers and biking. Scott Bikes are really gonna help you in your biking experience.

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