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Costco Business Center is inside the I-170 Business Center business park in St. John, near the crossroads of St. Charles Rock Road and Interstate 170. Unlike a regular Costco, a Costco Business Center serves small enterprises and has an abundance of food and office supplies, according to the company’s website. Business centers provide various unique products; over 70% of the inventory differs from what can be found in a regular Costco.

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Unique Products Available:
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Benefits of Shopping at Costco Business Center:

A typical Costco Business Center member can seek and walk a lot to locate what they want. However, malls recognize that you only want to purchase what you want, so if you’re not into scouring the entire shop for an item, you’ll be glad to hear that they have fewer categories to carry and are less interested in stocking the weird variety of impulse buys on the end-cap.

Unique Products Available:

Products from both brands and non-brands are sold at Costco Business Center. A varied and well-balanced selection of anchor retailers, specialized shops, eateries, and entertainment venues are available at this business center. By providing goods and services that appeal to the target market, the buyer mix should consider the demographics and local market. Some of the product features available here are listed below:

  • Beverages

Alpine Spring Water

Water infused with fruit essences

Energy drinks

Flavored syrups

Tea & Cocoa

  • Candy & Snacks

Chewing & Bubble Gum





  • Commercial Appliances

Proctor Silex Commercial Rice Cooker and Warmer

Waring Commercial Quik Stik Plus 1/2 Horsepower Immersion Blender

Uniflow Commercial Ice Machine

Kutano 2-Door Sandwich/Salad Top Prep Table

Kutano Propane Gas Fryer

  • Disposables

Bath Tissues & Dispensers

Coffee Filters

Cups & Lids

Disposable Gloves

Food Service Gloves

  • Grocery


Breads & Bakery

Canned & Jarred Foods

Cereal & Breakfast

Dairy & Eggs

  • Janitorial Supplies

Air Fresheners

Bath Towels

Cleaning Supplies & Chemicals

Cleaning Tools & Appliances

Hand Soap & Sanitizer

  • Office Items

Binders & Supplies

Boards & Easels

Calendars & Planners

Office Furniture

Folders & Filing Supplies

  • Restaurant Supplies & Equipment

Beverage Equipment & Supplies

Catering & Buffet

Food & Utility Carts

Food Storage Containers

Kitchen Appliances

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Shopping Tips:

Make sure you buy at a Costco Business Center according to the store’s regulations. This entails adhering to the store’s return policy, returning things only with the original receipt, and not attempting to bargain over the price. There are certain guidelines and standards for this business center. Make sure you abide by these guidelines, which include not eating or drinking in specific locations and honoring other customers’ right to privacy.

Membership Benefits:

Members of the Costco Business Center are eligible for special discounts and offers from selected mall retailers. Early access to sales events and the debut of new products may be granted to members. Membership may also grant access to exclusive events and activities, including fashion displays, cooking demos, or exercise courses, that aren’t open to the general public. They provide incentive systems in which participants may accumulate points for purchases or other actions. These points can then be exchanged for savings, gift cards, or other advantages.

Customer Reviews:

The Costco Business Center occupies a huge area. Because of its magnitude, it draws big audiences. It is said to be a shopping mall—the first of its kind in the city. People from lower and medium classes are typically drawn to this place. When compared to other malls in the city, the pricing of the clothing and services available here are comparatively inexpensive. One thing stands out in particular: the movie “Inox” is a wonderful, high-caliber experience. Don’t worry if you’re hungry—there is a restaurant in the shopping center. If you would want to work out, there is a gym. In need of a massage? Consider visiting a spa.

Promotions and Deals:

For more than three decades, Costco Business Center has been the leading department store in the United States. At the greatest pricing, it has one of the largest selections of the newest luxury watches, cosmetics, home décor, accessories, perfumes, and clothing in the nation. A convenient approach to purchase online from the comfort of your home for all your requirements related to fashion and lifestyle Come in to take advantage of ‘Shop Anytime Anywhere’ with free shipping, cash on delivery, and the excellent customer service that Costco is renowned for. You can also get unique discounts by logging in.

Case Studies:

Costco Business Center aims to deliver the best customer service and offers originality. This business center has seen that they have grown not only in the number of customers but also in the level of active users. For both, they are in very good numbers and will continue to grow.

Future Expansion:

The Costco Business Center‘s future will be centered on fusing space and technology. A completely immersive experience that fosters a sense of community and connection among consumers will be created through the use of wearables, implants, contact lens projection, augmented reality, and generative AI.

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Meeting new people at the Costco Business Center is a lot of fun, and it’s good to see families and groups of friends having a good time. Having joyful people around you has a major positive impact on your health! There are usually special events, contests, promotions, and discounts in this business center. You can win a prize or get fantastic discounts on items you wish to buy. Events are usually a lot of fun, even if you don’t attend them. New product samples are also available.

Q. Where is the Costco Business Center located?

The Costco Center is inside the I-170 Business Center business park in St. John, near the crossroads of St. Charles Rock Road and Interstate 170.

What types of unique products are available at Costco Business Center?

The Business Center offers a variety of unique products that cater to the needs of small enterprises. Some of the product categories available include beverages like Alpine Spring Water and energy drinks, flavored syrups, tea, and cocoa.

What are some benefits of shopping at Costco Business Center?

The store is designed for easy navigation, with fewer categories and a focus on essential products, making it more efficient for small enterprise owners to find what they need.

What are the guidelines for shopping at Costco Business Center?

When shopping at the Business Center, it is important to follow the store’s regulations. This includes adhering to the store’s return policy and only returning items with the original receipt.

How does the future of Costco Business Center look?

The future of the Business Center looks promising. The company aims to merge space and technology to create an immersive experience for consumers.

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