Content Manager and Their Roles in Marketing

As an online business owner, there is a point when running your business as a solopreneur becomes too much to handle. You will have multiple tasks to prioritize and it will be impossible to handle all aspects of your business alone. You might be trying to post articles on your site, record videos, or write ebooks all at once. This is not possible to accomplish, you need the services of a content marketing manager or a content marketing agency Sydney to handle your content needs. Read on to find out if you should hire a content marketing manager, and the role they play to help your business succeed.

The Roles of Content Marketing Managers

The person holding this position is responsible for managing all your content marketing needs, and the content writers directly. To be a successful content manager, you also need to possess writing and editing skills as your strengths. With these two skills, you will be able to check for quality in the written articles.

You should also be ready to write your own pieces if necessary. As a CMM, you are responsible for the development and implementation of the content strategy adhering to specific objectives and goals.

Research and Competitor Analysis

A content manager should be able to come up with your business’s strategy for effective content marketing. This can be achieved through writing, publishing high-quality content, and promoting it. For a content marketing strategy to be successful, the manager has to research initially. The research phase is necessary as it allows the content manager and writers to better understand their target market and topics to write about. The research phase may include:

  • Analyzing the competition’s content, message, and how it is distributed
  • Identifying the ideal customer, their interests, location, and how they behave online
  • Keyword research
  • Coming up with relevant topics
  • Knowledge of the tools to be used for content promotion and creation

Plan For Content Marketing

After doing thorough research, the content manager will start working on a different assignment to implement the planned content marketing. Depending on your company’s size, various plans to market the content will play out to define the strategy and tactics to use. The plans will target certain brands, channels, or business units. Executing each plan is usually informed by the general content marketing strategy.

Create an Editorial Calendar

After the planning has been accomplished, the content marketing managers will come up with timelines for creating, publishing, and promoting content on the editorial calendar. This move enables the marketing team to see the content to be written weeks or months ahead. The editorial calendar also assists the manager to align the publication and promotion of content with crucial dates to the business.


The role of a content marketing manager is crucial in ensuring your content marketing efforts are successful. These professionals bring together the different pieces of the whole marketing strategy. And hiring an individual for this role is a benefit for your business.

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