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When someone is harmed by an injury or accident and someone else may be held legally accountable for that harm,  this is called personal injury.  The wounded party will receive compensation from the negligent party’s insurance provider. This is for medical expenditures, agony and discomfort, and other future medical costs. In such cases, Chicago Injury Lawyer can help.

Langdon & Emison is one of the most well-known personal injury law offices in the country. They have been passionately and tenaciously advocating for wounded clients for more than 30 years. Holding huge corporations accountable for their detrimental decisions. This has resulted in their firm earning close to billion dollars.

They strive to provide the greatest results for their clients.

What they can help you with?

Best personal injury attorney Chicago Langdon & Emison has devoted its law practice for more than 30 years. Assisting those who have suffered severe injuries or have lost loved ones.

  1. Accidents involving cars, trucks pulling trailers, and railroads.
  2. A manufacturing flaw that led to the failure of a seat back, tire, seat belt, or other auto product during an accident.
  3. Defective consumer goods that were improperly developed or produced.
  4. Roadway risks, such as unsafe road construction or broken highway machinery.
  5. Faulty medical equipment or potentially harmful prescription medicines.
  6. Utility companies’ careless actions result in gas explosions, electrocution, or electrical shock accidents in residential or commercial areas.

What do they believe?

The company Chicago Injury Lawyer is dedicated to paying back to the areas in which we reside and operate. The following organizations play a crucial role in their community and the legal profession. Their firm is delighted to support them through sponsorships, gifts, participation in events, and other forms of giving.

Where is their location?

Car accident lawyer Chicago collaborate with clients and recommends attorneys across the United States. They have offices in Lexington, Kansas City (Mo. ), St. Louis, and Chicago, who act as your valued partner and adviser.

What makes them unique?

Lawyer of the Year and Top Lawyer awards are consistently given to Louis personal injury attorney  This includes a variety of practice areas, including mass tort litigation, transportation accidents, personal injury, and product liability. Their lawyers have distinguished themselves for more than 30 years. The unique features include:

  • Serving as lead attorney in some of the most important personal injury trials in the country.
  • Winning cases in court, including those before the US Supreme Court.
  • Securing for clients multi-million and million-dollar recoveries.
  • Assuming prominent roles in legal organizations, community associations, and prestigious trial lawyer academies.

Which case made them famous?

In Baker v. General Motors, a historic case where evidence was first accepted. In court establishing an automaker’s willful prioritization of profitability over human safety. Their attorneys have defended clients in county, state, & nationwide courtrooms across the nation.

Prizes and Appreciation:

Every year, U.S. News and World Report, among other reputable organizations. They name Langdon & Emison as one of the top personal injury law firms in the country.

Their attorneys have consistently been named Lawyer of the Year and Top Lawyer. They are highly regarded in their respective fields of practice.

 This helps them in gaining spots on lists of the “Best Lawyers” for cases involving mass torts, transportation accidents, personal injury, and product liability.

Reasons for Referring Lawyers Pick Langdon & Emison

In a variety of personal injury disputes, Langdon & Emison collaborates with referral lawyers. All around the nation to help their clients recover as much money as possible. They have paid attorneys who have recommended cases to their firm. Upwards of $20 million just in the last three years.

What is common in all the cases they pick?

One thing unites all of their practice areas: someone was critically hurt or killed in a collision that should never have happened.

A product flaw or some type of negligence that causes injury to innocent individuals occurs in almost every case they handle. For the past 30 years, Langdon & Emison has devoted its practice to helping the victims and their families. To find answers and get justice so they may start to put their life back on track together.

What are the advantages of hiring them?

  1. Success – Through legal acumen and tenacious litigation, Chicago Injury Lawyer have secured nearly to billion dollars in wins & agreements for their clients.
  • Persistence – For over 30 years, perseverance. The biggest companies in the world have been held liable by Langdon & Emison for their negligence-related wrongdoings. That resulted in their customer’s injuries and suffering.
  • Courageous – They have earned the right to use their substantial legal resources. They won’t hesitate to challenge any corporate behemoth in court.
  • Power and influence – Their success in court has earned them the reputation of getting the most money possible.

What is the most common form of personal injury?

The most common form of personal injury is whenever a car collision results in severe injuries or fatalities. Never think the motorist who caused the accident is solely to blame for the injuries.

Firstly, ignoring the likelihood that a car flaw contributed to the accident. Even when exacerbated the injuries by ignoring only the driver’s negligence.

Secondly, it can be simple for lawyers to concentrate exclusively on the driver’s negligence. Then hastily resolve a claim for the insured limit, which could amount to as little as $15,000.

In doing so, they may lose the opportunity to get a client’s full recovery.

They will review all cases for a potential flaw at no expense or obligation to you. Even if they may not always be able to determine. They will check whether an auto defect was to blame for an accident or made someone’s injuries worse than they should have been.

Scenarios for vehicle accident:

Here are a few scenarios where an auto product flaw might be present:

  • Minor collisions become raging fires due to faulty fuel lines.
  • Seat belt defects can result in serious head, spinal, or stomach injuries.
  • Airbags either don’t deploy at all or deploy too forcefully.
  • When a defective seat ruptures in an accident, the occupant suffers critical injury.
  • Inadequate suspension designs can lead to vehicle rollovers or result in roof smashes.
  • Defective ignition switches result in the loss of power steering, brakes, and airbag deployment.
  • Due to poor design and production, utility vehicles, limousines, passenger vans, and other modified vehicles result in serious injury or death.


Chicago Injury Lawyer, is one of the top law firms in the country. They are known for taking on the biggest corporations in the country in personal injury cases. To hold all accountable parties accountable and get their clients the highest possible reimbursemen. They examine each claim for a possible product flaw or negligent act.

FAQ section:

Who are Langdon and Emison?

Langdon and Emison are personal injury lawyers. They are the most known personal injury law firm with over 30 years of experience.

How they can help you?

Their sole focus is on personal injury matters so they can help you against all ways you could sustain a personal injury.

What is their address?

Their main office is in Chicago but they have three more offices in the United States namely Lexington, Kansas City, and St. Louis.

What is the cost of hiring them?

They evaluate your case for free while maintaining confidentiality and do not charge anything until they win the case for you.

Are their services worth it?

Their services are definitely worth it as they have already won cases that amount to almost a billion dollars. This is further clarified by the testimonials of their clients and case details they have on their website.

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