Carpentry And Different Types Of Carpentry Services

There are so many types of carpentry works out there. Carpentry is one of the oldest trades which is quite sought-after even today. This skill-based trade involves working with wood and installing them in various buildings and other constructions. From constructing roofs to cabinets to staircase to doors and window frames, carpentry involves a wide range of work. Though there are general carpenters who take care of a project from start to finish, there are also some carpenters who specialize in just two or three types of work which helps them to hone their skills and become a master’s in it.

Types of Carpenters

Since carpentry is a huge business, there are different kinds of carpentry which employs different types of carpenters who are responsible for different areas of carpentry.

Below Are Some Of The Different Types Of Carpenters:

Carpenter Services

  • Rough Carpenter – This types of carpentry responsible for roofing, structural work, framing, and other work.
  • Jouster – Responsible for laying floor joists.
  • Trim Carpenter – Responsible for work related to molds and trims such as mantles, ornamental works, etc.
  • Cabinet Maker – Responsible for making cabinets and other furniture items such as wardrobes, dressers, and so on.
  • Ship’s Carpenter – Specialists in boat and ship building.
  • Framer – Responsible for framework of a building.
  • Roofer – Responsible for building beams, rafters, trusses, and other things.

Types of Carpentry Services

Carpentry service typically include maintaining and repairing various internal and external wooden structures such as doors, window frames, floors, walls, decorative molding, and so on. Below are some of the major types of carpentry services:

  • Designing and drawing the structure or item requested by the client.
  • Creating a structure, item, or component based on interpreting the drawings.
  • Outlining the steps required to perform the tasks efficiently.
  • Giving advice on what kind of wood should be used and why it is better than the other woods.
  • Using the required manual or power tools to cut and shape the wood.
  • Using materials such as screws, nails, adhesive, staples, and other materials, to join or fix wood pieces.
  • Checking the level of the furniture items or other wooden structures by using level, rulers, framing squares, and other tools.
  • Installing the wooden items such as cabinets, dressers, other decorative molds, and other items
  • Providing maintenance and repair services as and when required.

Choosing The Right Type Of Carpenter

Carpenter Services

When it comes to carpentry services, it is very important to ensure that you choose the right type of contractor. Based on the requirement, you can either opt for a commercial contractor or a residential contractor.

  • Commercial Contractor – If you are looking for carpentry services for schools, hospitals, roads, shopping centers, office buildings, and others, you must hire commercial contractors. They will be responsible for the complete project – right from planning to executing and overall management.
  • Residential Contractor – If you are looking for special types of carpentry services for your sweet home, then you must hire residential contractors for better experience. They are ideal for any kind of home carpentry services such as  home remodeling, kitchen remodeling, any type of home construction, and so on Compared to the work done by commercial contractors, their projects are slightly smaller. The residential contractors must pay close attention to the design, architecture, and planning of the project.

With the vast range of services that fall under carpentry services, one should have a clear idea about whom to hire. Below are some key points that you should ask before hiring a carpenter:

  • What kind of carpentry do they specialize in?
  • What are the standards of health and safety they follow?
  • Do they have all the necessary permits and licenses?
  • Will they be able to meet the deadline?
  • How will they ensure the quality of work?
  • What type of wood will they be using and where will they source it from?

Carpentry is a very important skilled service and it is one of the oldest profession in the world, which is required whether you are constructing something new or modifying an old existing structure. Always hire an skilled and professional carpenter who can work many types of carpentry for better experience.

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