Can One Person Effectively Manage A Business’s Social Media Accounts?

When it comes to managing your business’s social media accounts, whether one person can do the job effectively will depend on a great many factors. Certain smaller companies may find that they don’t even need one full-time person, while larger businesses can discover they require a whole team.

The roles and responsibilities involved are many, and it can be tough to decide whether you need one person or more to succeed with your own social media strategy. Read on to discover some of the key tasks involved, and some of the variables that might help you make up your mind…

The number of platforms you are on

One of the first things to consider when determining if one person can effectively manage your social media is to decide how many platforms you need to be on.

You may realise that you only need to be in one place, for example on LinkedIn for your B2B strategy. On the other hand, you may decide that your presence is needed on multiple platforms for the best chance of success.

Each platform can give you access to different users, and allow you to communicate and market to them in varying ways. All of this can make it difficult for one person to manage.

The right social media marketing agency in Dubai, on the other hand, will have plenty of people to take on each aspect of the job on your behalf.

The kind of tasks involved

There are all kinds of tasks that your social media manager may have to carry out, from creating profiles to crafting content and researching your target audience.

Some of these are weekly or daily tasks, while some may require nearly constant attention at all hours of the day. They include:

High levels of engagement

All social media platforms require high levels of engagement, whether it is posting regularly, replying to comments, or sharing pictures and videos. This can be a hugely time-consuming task for one person. You may have to engage with many people across multiple platforms, all of which will take it as an affront if you take too long.

Similarly, the kind of content you post will also determine how successful your social media strategy is. High-quality content cannot be cobbled together in a few minutes before lunch, but rather something that requires research, knowledge, and skill.

Expertise in each platform

To create the right content and correctly manage your campaigns across each platform, whoever is managing your social media must have in-depth knowledge and expertise in each.

The type of content you use on TikTok, for example, is not likely to be the same as that on LinkedIn or Twitter. And the level of skill and experience that is needed takes time to acquire.

This is another reason why so many businesses are choosing to hire social media marketing professionals to run their campaigns.

Evaluating and adapting your strategy

Along with all of the day-to-day running of your social media, it is also essential that regular evaluations are carried out to determine what is succeeding and what needs to be changed. A well-managed social media strategy will involve the full use of analytics and data to discover which strategies you should keep and repeat. This requires yet more knowledge and expertise.

Final thoughts

As you can see, managing a business’s social media requires far more than the knowledge of how to write a tweet. It can take vast amounts of time, skills, and expertise that any one person within your company may not have. While in some companies the role can indeed be filled by one hard-working and knowledgeable person, other businesses will opt to hire a professional agency instead.

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